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Tube Cash Code Review – Is Tube Cash Code a Scam 2014

Tube Cash Code Review 2014 – Another Scam or is it Legit

If you don’t know how to use YouTube to create boat loads of traffic, leads and sales, then you need to read the review ASAP lol

IF you are in this game to make money…YOU need to learn YouTube…like you needed to learn how to add and subtract!

Before I jump into Corey Gates Tube Cash Code Product, I have to admit something….Corey Gates’ sales presentation sucks!!! It is filled with actors, actresses and truly depresses me, because I am sure a lot of people didn’t buy this valuable product because of the sales presentation.

I consider this review more important than 75% of my other posts due to the fact that YouTube has done wonders for my online business. YouTube has catapulted me and enabled this simple blog to start trending upwards in all aspects of analytics and my bank account. cha…ching…

I have to admit, I actually learned a ton of stuff that I didn’t know about video marketing, and of course there was a lot of repetitive jargon in the training area. As I was going through the Tube Cash Code Training; I was actually pretty impressed with what Corey Gates had put together.

As many people know, the make money online business can be shady, especially when most of the products are garbage. However, Tube Cash Code truly has a lot of information that YOU need to know and understand if you truly want to make money online.

Without YouTube, I wouldn’t have gotten the leverage I needed to get thousands of visitors a month to this blog. If you want to learn how I did it, click here.

Without further a due, Tube Cash Code peeled and delivered on a silver platter!

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Tube Cash Code Review 2014 – Summary of the Product

Step 1- Picking a Niche

Module 1-2

Pick a Niche that you have a passion for. I bet you have heard that a million times but this is the first step in building a blog and or affiliate business.

Module 1-3

You will learn how to use Google Adwords to pick a keyword that has enough searches a month to bring you good traffic. You need to build your videos around specific keywords.

Step 2 Making a Basic Video

Module 2-1

In this module you will learn how to make a simple video. I think we all know how to grab an iPhone and start shooting a video, but you can also use your computer to do the same. More on this later.

Module 2-2

You will learn how to use Camtasia, which I always use if I shoot videos. I loved this as there was so much information I didn’t know when shooting a video with Camtasia. This was the bomb!

Module 2-3

You can use Jing Jing to shoot videos but to be honest I didn’t even bother watching this video since I use Camtasia.

Module 2-4

I started seeing people use Animoto to make Affiliate Marketing Videos which is cool. I only ever used it to make my wife an Anniversary video for our 5 year Anniversary. (I got a lot of points for doing this by the way)

The Module goes into depth on how to use it for marketing purposes. This will come in handy as I go through this module.

Module 2-5

In module 2-5 you will learn how to use annotations to make big money. I actually never knew that on videos you can put a click able annotation on the screen to take people to your affiliate link. I will start using this in order to make my links easily accessible.

Step 3 – How to make killer videos

Step 3 is for the more advanced YouTube King, who has already learned the steps above. I recommend not venturing down this road until you get a grasp of how to make basic videos. Once you start making basic videos, you can then revert back to this training in order to start making killer YouTube Videos. I am a true believer that you may never have to venture down this road unless you want to be in the upper 10% of marketers. I know some may not understand why you wouldn’t want to shoot for the stars, but for most of us, just making an extra 5-10K a month would drastically change our lives. You can easily do this without having to purchase the following in order to make these types of videos. You will need:

  • Light sources
  • Green Screens
  • Music
  • Animation/transitions
  • Method combinations

Common Errors when making videos

  • A lot of people don’t have the correct lighting which can dull the users’ experience. I often just use screen capture software and my voice. That is all you really need.
  • I have to admit, a good microphone is a must especially if you are going to be speaking in your video. You can purchase some good equipment on Radio Shack or Best Buy, for example. The last thing you want to have is your voice muffled.
  • Lack of planning is one of the most common mistakes people make. Have you ever watched a tutorial video, and the producer of the video keeps saying….ummm…ummm, or they forget what they are talking about. You will learn how to write a script, and how to follow that script to a T.

Step 4 – Getting Traffic to your videos

Module 4-1

At some point in your affiliate marketing venture, you will have to start doing some paid advertising. Of course, we all want free traffic, but sometimes it takes some quick results in order to keep the mind motivated.

Module 4-2

In module 4-2 you will learn how to create a YouTube playlist from scratch. Most people don’t know why you need to have playlists so let’s dig a little deeper. Let’s say I am doing a video on SEO and then a video on a review, like this one, and then a video on how to create a word press blog. If I want my viewer to easily navigate through my videos, I put them in playlists (categories). I might create a list for people searching on how to rank in Google. I would put all my videos relating to that topic in that playlist. The main reason, to help the viewer navigate your videos with ease.

Moduel 4-3

Video transcriptions can have a huge impact on your Google ranking. Most people do not do this, but if you transcribe your video into text, Google will crawl that text and most likely rank you much higher than someone who didn’t transcribe it. Remember, content is KING! Also, remember you need to use your keywords in your videos. That is the only way Google knows what you are trying to rank for.

Module 4-4

Video Sitemaps are a HUGE BENEFIT just like on page SEO for your website. Sitemaps help Google and other search engines crawl your content with ease. If you don’t watch anything else, watch Module 4-4.

Module 4-5

There are many free methods for marketing your videos. The most common, of course, is to be picked up by Google organically. However, if you don’t have the patience to wait for your buddy Google, then start sharing your videos on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites. The most important social media platform you could share your videos on would be Google+. I am creating a post on why you MUST have Google+ account before you start any affiliate marketing campaign.

Module 4-6

Not much to say about module 4-6 because it just talks about Hosted VS Posted and the differences between the two. It is good to know but not 100% necessary.

Module 4-7

YouTube has changed the way Video Responses are handled, however this video shares with you how you can still get around and use Video Responses to drive traffic to your videos.

Step 5 – Marketing Tools

Module 5-1

This module just explains about ViralVideo.name and how to use it to create a Viral Effect on your videos. I believe it is very rare to have this happen, so I don’t ever bank on trying to make a Viral Video.

Module 5-2

Tubemogul can be used to market your videos. I have never used it, but it can be another part of my arsenal.

Module 5-3

Tube Toolbox is pretty cool, but again I never used it, however I plan to in the future.

Module 5-4

Fiverr is probably the biggest tool I use. You can use Fiverr to get people to market your video for $5.00. In addition, I use Fiverr for everything. I have them build me backlinks, help with SEO and a large number of other small jobs. Everything is 5 bucks, so to me this can be the best tool in your toolbox.

To me, Fiverr is great if you are confused. Have you ever felt you know what to do, but you don’t know how to do it? Go to Fiverr, pay 5 dollars and have them do it for you….

Step 6 – Local Video Marketing

Module 6-1

Local Video Marketing is something that nobody does, because everyone in this industry tries to hit a home run on all their campaigns. Let’s just think about this for a second. If I type into Google something local, ie “dentist NJ” and put up a YouTube video on the best Dentists in NJ, I can guarantee that my video will hit the top of Google. The competition is tiny and a lot of marketers are actually turning toward local marketing as just another income stream.

Step 7 – Putting all together TAKE ACTION

In Step 7, they just give you an overview of everything you just learned and how to put it all together.

My Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this product if you ever want to learn about how to create YouTube videos and have them drive traffic to your product offer. I have to WARN you, do not to pay attention to their sales video. It is grossly over played. It has a bunch of bullshit actors and smells of straight scum. I don’t know who advised this man to market such a great product like this, but whoever did should be fired.

Oh, and if you click the link below and you try to close it, you will have to close 5 other popups. Believe it or not, this type of marketing actually works, but is annoying as all hell!!

This product is good enough to sell without all the crappy hype and stupid marketing techniques. If you can get around all that mess, you will end up buying a great product that you can use for a while. Just to be clear, you can purchase the item through my affiliate link and YES I will be compensated for it…Just trying to be 100% transparent. πŸ™‚


PS OH and if you try to close it 3 times you will GET A HUGE DISCOUNT!!! πŸ™‚ Remember Transparency right!!!

James Bonadies

The YouTube Crusher! πŸ™‚

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  • Cheryl

    Hi James,

    Was wondering if i were to use the uploaded video instead creating my own one, is it alright?

    On the other hand, do i still need to pay further for anything in order to start making money?

    Await for your favourable reply.

    Thanks & regards,

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I am slightly confused with you question. Can you elaborate slightly….?
      Sorry, maybe it’s early! lol

      Hope to hear from you…and hope I can help!


  • Cheryl

    Hi James,

    Thanks so much for your prompt reply.

    Sorry. What i meant was can i use their ready made uploaded video instead of me making my own video?

    Further, do i still need to pay for anything extra to start making money?.

    Many thanks!
    Thanks & regards,

    • Hi Cheryl

      In all honesty, you really should be doing your own videos. Think about using stock videos….you will be competing with everyone else using stock videos. The course is really good, however if you look around my blog, you will see there are other options to making money online. This is definitely not my #1 choice.

      Thanks for your time.

      James B.

  • Christiana Diokpo

    I am honestly interested in making money online, but a little weary for scam and my limited knowledge on the use of computer

    • Thank you for your comment Christiana….I, too, am always weary of scams on the internet. However, you can’t let that deter you from reaching for your dreams..I have been scammed many times, and that is why I built this website. Take a look around my site and you will see I seperate the product scams to the ones I have used and make money with….this product is one…plus this product

  • Michelle

    I purchased tube cash code a few months back and may I say it SUCKS! The training videos are so bad. They really don’t show one what to do. It’s all very vague to say the lease. It’s not a click click system that a “newbie” can use because I am a newbie and it is so confusing and beyond me. So, tell me how you did it? From what I have learned, one should not have to make their own videos work like a charm and make bank. That is a very false statement.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I am sorry you feel this way. I have had great success with what I learned and to be honest, I completely disagree with you. You SHOULD have to make your own videos…in my review, I tell you that you should use your own videos and not others…I even took what I learned in tube cash code and applied it to my blogging and am showing up for HUGE keywords that I am going after. I loved it….did you try and get a refund…?


  • Thamsanqa Hlobo

    Hi James am imterested in the system (Tube Cash Code) does it only run om a MAC am using ACER latop.

  • Dear James,
    Thanks for your insight into Tubecashcode.com. I bought a membership (two days ago) already or I certainly would have gone through you. I am following Corey’s steps, and am awaiting a callback from the hand-holder that I was told to call. I am fired up and ready to start. Like you, I found the promo videos to be ridiculous, but I was intrigued. And oddly, when I saw the comments from people who were saying negative things about the product, it actually inspired me to buy it. Strange, I know. But I am not afraid of hard work, and I consider myself to be pretty smart. So if it is not for everyone, then that is a good thing. I even blogged on my Blogger page about watching the videos and buying the product. I will be checking back with your website frequently to see if you have any other words of inspiration! By the way, a question I have is can you use this system to drive traffic to a hosted blog (like Blogger or Wordpress) or do you need your own an actual website that you set up?Thanks, James!

    • Hi Donna,

      Props for following your gut and understanding success is more driven by the individual not necessarily the product, although the product needs to have potential. You can drive traffic to any URL of your choosing. I cash in on YouTube no matter where I send them!

      Good Luck!

  • candi

    Nice post and everything but honestly. I feel you guys are scammers. I have no clue how you got my email and every day i get an overload of emails telling me i have big money in an account, pending payments and checks on hold. It’s very annoying when you are trying to read your actual mail and you have to filter through junk mail in your primary account. . . I have unsubscribed three times in the past 6 months and it keeps getting worse. ….how do I stop the emails?

    • Candice

      I hesitated to approve your message since you are calling me a scammer…not sure about why, or what I did to you or what I even asked of you. Didn’t you come to MY blog?? You have problems with to many emails, then you are on the wrong people’s lists…they sell YOUR email to other spammers who sell YOUR email to other spammers and so on…it’s a revolving door. You want out? Unscubscribe and mark as spam…that’s all. Unsubscribe from each one, stop opening them and clicking around if you feel your getting scammed. The industry is full of scammers, BUT the industry is also full of honest, hardworking individuals who have not only changed their lives for the better but millions other too! It’s about taking action Candice and if you are looking to take action, then find a great product, learn from it and profit from it. It is not hard, everyone makes it hard..oh, and a $49 product won’t work…good products cost thousands..FYI I was born in 1980 too…:)


  • Libby

    I am very impressed with your hard working and try to improve others lives.
    Having say that, you discouraged using stock videos, i am not good on the technology, making my own video will be a big challenge what would be your advise. Also English and accent are my challenges. Please help me i need to generates on line leads for my home business. My company is 5linx.

    • Libby,

      You could benefit from my Ranking Services greatly. If you want leads, I can rank your blog, which is the best way to get free leads. If you don’t have a blog, I can build one for you.


  • Danny

    Hey James,

    What kind of videos do we require to make in Corey’s Tube Cash Code program?


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