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Prosperity Team Review – A real look at Empower Network’s Prosperity Team

Prosperity Team – Does your Empower Network Team Really Matter


UPDATE – I’m out of EN…

I am doing this instead – Rapid Business Builder (my first product creation)

Why should I join you instead of lets say *******

Exactly, what am I going to do, throw my boys under the bus!! Hell no, but I am going to sell you on me….why because everyone else out there is selling themselves on themselves so why not partake in the game.

Hell, I was a damn Quarterback for my high school team in NJ. Although we didn’t win the State Championship back in 1997, we did lose it, matter of fact we got killed….

BUT, I was probably the smallest dude on the field, coming in at 5ft 10 inches 150 lbs. Which sucked, since I grew another inch or so and gained 30 lbs of muscle after high school. LOL

What’s my point…I’m competive and I fight for my team no matter what. I want you to succeed just like I wanted to win that damn championship for my teammates.

There is no difference between then and now. The only thing is, we competing online….for money, for pride, for freedom, for our families…and as long as we stay within the confines of legality…

This game is gonna get ugly…so let the best man win!!

So, this is where I brag….and not just brag about myself…but about my teammates…about the successes I am creating…

Then, I’m gonna hit you with the jackpot…the mother of all jackpots…so I expect you to keep reading….OR ELSE! πŸ™‚

Tell me James….why you, why the Prosperity Team!

  1. I’m 100% Transparent
  2. I’ll tell you if you come in at only the $25 level, you got a shitty chance of making this really happen.
  3. I’ll tell you if you ain’t got tough skin, then this game ain’t for ya!
  4. I’ll tell you if you don’t have time on your hands, well again, you need to check out another system. This one ain’t gonna work.
  5. I’ll be honest with you, this shit is hard…parden my french but the “shit” fits well with what I am trying to tell you.
  6. I won’t lie, there are secrets to our successes….you know, those guys you see at the top of Google…yes there are secrets.
  7. You won’t get my secrets unless you get some skin in the game just like I did. A wife, a 2 year old, a HUGE mortgage…and yes I reached F’ing far into my pocket to help my dream come reality.
  8. I won’t feel bad for you. Nope, nobody felt bad for me…and nobody will ever! It builds character.
  9. You don’t know anything about this game but you will learn from me.
  10. You won’t get rich, hell most won’t make a dollar. However, ALL CAN!!
  11. I work nights, weekends and all between.
  12. I work in my car.
  13. I work @ work.
  14. I work while driving…I suggest you don’t but I do!
  15. I bleed internet marketing…from my eyes, my nose and every freaking hole in my body.
  16. This has to be an obsession or it becomes a hobby…golf is a hobby, making thousands a month is not. It’s a way of life.
  17. I want you to succeed as bad as I want to succeed. Ask anyone on my team. Midnight texts, interviews and everything in between.
  18. I will be here for you. I answer my phone, texts, emails and Skype!!! I am here for you!

19. I am part of the Prosperity Team

A done for you system that is plug and play. The prosperity team is an Empower Network Hybrid that helps Empower Network affiliates take the fast lane to freedom.

  1. A done for sales funnel.
  2. A marketing and training area on top of what Empower Network offers.
  3. A phone sales team that will call and close ALL your prospects.
  4. Sales Videos
  5. Sales Letters
  6. Sales Funnels
  7. Exclusive rights to use IPASS1 and soon to be IPASS2.
  8. They Teach you where to buy traffic from
  9. Traffic Coops

Not everyone has access to the Prosperity Team!! I do! I have exclusive access.

I suggest you do too….

Click the link below, let’s make money together!!


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  • James Merritt

    Hello, I have been thinking about joining EN and was wondering if you will actually be able to help coach or not? I already have been doing some internet marketing and making great success off from facebook. (Also might be able to work together on a project down the line. (Already got a high demand for my product) anyways) I will be joining EN soon no matter what. I was just looking for the best coach or if I should just go heads first at it by myself like I do most things. I would love to chat sometime.

    • Hey James

      Thanks for the comment! My teammates and people I coach would speak highly of me. However, your best sponsor would be with someone who has the time to actually work with you unlike those big gurus out there. My specialty is ranking, and can show you the best ways to rank your blog. (which I checked out) That is just 1 of my bonuses for joining me. You see me at the top for empower network review so I know what I am doing. I have the time, and would love to chat. I’ll shoot you a PM with my phone number. Hit me up whenever you can. Oh, and what is special about me besides personal 1 on 1, is you’ll be part of not 1 but 2 great teams! You’ll have access to the Prosperity team as well as a mastermind facebook group that specializes in ranking blogs. Kind of able to kill two birds with 1 stone if you know what I mean. Look forward to talking to you! Oh, and my secret underground paid traffic sources. It pays to meet these guys at events, believe me! πŸ™‚


  • Justino

    Dear, James

    I’m a kid that comes from a small house hold that’s trying to find a way to help my family. I never done internet marketing but, I would like to be one of those success stories i see all the time. I’m 22 and determined to do whatever it takes to turn my life around and be part of something I will remember forever. I’ve struggled and often stress about financial situations because im not happy and, thats my motivation. I read and watch videos about the prosperity team and I always say, I want to be succesful as they are.I sometimes act skeptical about it because im so stressed out. I do believe in taking chances and hoping to be on the brighter side but that’s never the case. This is my first time thinking about joining somthing on the internet that might benefit me later on in life . So I ask can ypou show me how I can make success and be prosperous,,I’m highly determined to learn whatever I need, in order to succeed.

    • Justin,

      Thanks for sharing. I read your “why” awesome dude!! Truly awesome!! I responded with a Private message buddy!


  • Kelly Sloan

    Hi James are you doing both EN and MOBE? I was thinking EN was saturated. I like the perks your prosperity team offers for EN. How much would you recommend for a monthly marketing budget to start off right? for EN that is.
    Thank you

    • Hi Kelly

      With the ipas2 launch coming soon, now is a great time. Saturated? Nah, can’t ever see it being saturated. Even Amay isn’t saturated. Plus with millions of new people always looking for bizz opps a month and 175,000 people a week jumping to new opps, EN couldn’t never reach the entire niches population. Budget? Idk, mine is all free traffic which I teach but to speed things up a good number is $300-400. However, not a necessity. πŸ˜‰

      Hope that helps!


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