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MOBE Review – Dreamy or Impossible

Thank you for visiting my site and today we want and need to talk about mobe formally known as my top tier business, my online business empire etc…

However now Matt Lloyd has now changed the name to My Online Business Education and in my MOBE review I will discuss the 2016 changes.

MOBE Review – The Change

He took a more business approach because he wants to branch out to bringing in everyone from local business owners to affiliate marketers.

I don’t promote mobe anymore because I choose to have a predictable, scalable business without having to recruit or fill my garage with garbage and not have to bring in people to a program that I know 98% will fail out.

Sorry just don’t sit right.

However, here is my updated mobe review for anyone who still can stomach this industry.

Here ya go….enjoy! 🙂

MOBE Review – Who is Matt Lloyd

MOBE is a high converting offer that allows the complete newbie to build a business with a coach for 30 days. It has proven to be the “new” model of products, and eliminates the information overload that most people experience when starting out online.

However, there is so much confusion about MOBE by Matt Lloyd, because nobody has done a proper review of the program….and it is fairly new being about 1.5 years old. The confusion is how it is tied with MOBE, and why there is an application fee, and a license fee.

There is another product connected to this business model called MOBE which is probably the reason there is why there is so much confusion.

However, I will shed some light on exactly what this is…and is not.

Matt Lloyd, the founder of MOBE, is an Aussie who was extremely young when he entered the internet marketing world. At the age of 21 he started his venture and 4 years later he has generated $314,900.29 in one single month..

His company, MOBE & MOBE has generated over $4 million to date.

MOBE Review – Company Review

MOBE is an all in one, one stop shop, for the Internet Marketer who doesn’t have the time to create his own funnels, products, customer support and the slew of other things that go along with owning your own “franchise”.

He has even gone as far as saying, if you join his business, he will offer you an money back guarantee plus $500 if you don’t make $1,000 within 30 days. (you must prove you actually tried)

It sounds great, but for me, I don’t believe in money back guarantees as we all know it will probably be extremely difficult to prove that you gave it your all and earned nothing. But Why?

The truth is, most people will buy the program and fail because they never even gave it a chance. The marketing in this beast does work as it is proven in the $4 million dollars he has done online with just this business and it has worked for me. You can see some of my earnings from my video on this page.

MOBE boils down to owning the license and paying for that license to sell his products. If you owned a Dunkin Donuts, you would be paying $700,000 just to own it, then all the capital to get it started.

Matt Lloyd is selling his “franchise” for $1,997. What you get for that, is the ability to sell his products, use his emails, use his traffic sources etc…and the good part is, you can break those payments into 2 or 4 installments.

It’s basically a cut and paste type of business.

MOBE Review- Compensation Plan

An educational biased MOBE Comp Plan – I do not indorse his video.

Let’s assume I bought the License for $1,997 and paid the $49 application fee. There are 3 ways to get paid:

  1. Sell the license for $1,997 and earn $1,000 (Percentage goes to the phone sales team but you earn 1K clean)
  2. Sell the Platinum Membership for $9,000 and earn $3,000 (Percentage goes to the phone sales team but you earn 3K clean)
  3. Sell the Titanium Membership for $15,000 and earn $5,000 (Percentage goes to the phone sales team but you earn 5K clean)

Here are the products explained:

  1. The license is what it is….the ability to sell other licenses. (This concept is the most common direct sales advertising on the net.)
  2. Platinum Membership – 4 days 3 nights seminar somewhere exotic around the world. It’s actually a good deal, and most people pay way more for a time share.
  3. Titanium Membership – 6 Days 5 nights seminar somewhere exotic around the world. Even a better deal, and again a lot of people pay for timeshares worth way more than this cost.

Remember, these memberships get you yearly mastermind vacations to places I would never go to on my own. Attached to the luxurious lifestyle this offers, you get training from the best of the best. However, again it is not necessary especially in the beginning.

MOBE Review – Membership Perks

1. An already Setup Franchise 

Plug and Play to earn $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 with this system. Everything is all done for you, so you get started right away. In the back office you can expect the following:

  • Your Own Affiliate Links, just like click bank.
  • Your own Analytics so you can test and tweak.
  • Your own broadcast emails to your leads.
  • Ability to watch the steps your leads are on during those first 21 days.
  • Ability to watch your referrals and how they are doing with sales.
  • Ability to watch your commissions come flowing in.

2. MOBE System Training & Your Own Coach..Amazing!!! Amazing!!! Amazing!!!

  • Your own six figure coach.
  • Ability to set your own appointments with your coach. I do mine on Skype.
  • Coach 1 will be with your through to step 7.
  • Coach 2 will be your Business Plan coach until you finish the 21 step program.
  • Coach 3 will be your 30 day Traffic Coach.

3. Daily Calls, Trainings and Webinars to Succeed in MOBE

  • Your Own calendar of trainings, Webinars and Calls.
  • The hosts are usually those who do well in MOBE, so that they can share their stories, tips, and tricks.
  • A once a week call from Matt Lloyd to discuss the future of MOBE.

4. 21 Step System

  • Shockingly extremely newbie friendly.
  • The flow is easy to follow
  • The coaches are amazing
  • Each step is synchronized to the actually steps one must take when first starting out online.

5. Finally, the 30 day traffic plan

  • Paid and free methods are easy to understand.
  • MOBE traffic methods are different each day, so figure at least 30 different ways to generate traffic.
  • The trainings are always updated.

6. Access to MOBE Funnel 

  • You will have access to ALL the same funnels Matt Lloyd uses himself.
  • New pages are added weekly.
  • The copy writing, squeeze pages and the sales page, have already been tweaked tested and still being tweaked and tested.
  • You’ll have access to all different kind of sales pages.

7. Phone Sales Team

  • A personal Phone Sales Team to close your leads for you and you get to keep the commissions.
  • All of the sales teams have been hand picked to be the best in the industry

8. Customer Service, merchant services…etc…

  • You don’t have to worry about any of this.
  • Make a sale, you get paid in 2 weeks.

9. MOBE – Email Follow-Up Sequence

  • You’ll get the 45 day follow up email sequence that you plug into your email auto responder.

10. MOBE Sales Video

  • The 50 minute sales video will be played after signing up, and if they do, you get paid. If they don’t the email follow up sequence will have that video in it.

11. Adjusting the Email Sequence

  • The system will track what your leads are interested in, and follow up with them keeping their interests in mind.

12. Up-selling for maximum profits

  • Once your prospects purchase something from you, the sequence will change and the up-sells will begin. The beauty of My Top tier Business, is if they buy something in 6 months you still get that commission.

13. The MOBE – Phone Sales Team

  • As mentioned above, this access is what makes the tiny guy big….

MOBE Review – My Results:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 5.05.19 PMTotal MTTB Results Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 5.05.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 5.04.32 PM

MOBE Membership – High Barrier to Entry – Is it Bad?

Every once in a while something comes along that is extremely attracting to the vast majority of people, however when that happens it becomes saturated rather quickly. Once I learned of the high barrier to entry, $2,000 price tag for the license I knew I wanted to be part of this program.

I am not looking for newbie, inexperienced products that everyone and their mother will promote. I am looking to be an affiliate for high ticket items that have a high barrier to enter.

When the planets align, I don’t think twice.

The problem that most will see with this program is the price tag. However, it’s about how bad you want this lifestyle. Most won’t get involved but 2-3 sales a month will change most peoples’ lives….

and…the beautiful thing…

With all they give us, 2-3 sales a month is truly not that difficult. Put your name and email to learn more OR make a decision today! If you join me today you get:my top tier business1. My Email Marketing Empire – The very same product information that Matt Lloyd used to build this business. The same emails and followups he used. I use them too and its a $194 product and you keep 90% of the profits on this 8 video, and 87+ page digital course. ($2,997 Value)

2. Affiliate Bonus Domination – Matt Lloyd’s first home study course, this high profit, 10 hour course is filled with how to dominate any affiliate competition. Retail price of $289 and now you get that same opportunity. ($5,997.00 Value)

3. The O.P.T Formula – The ultimate program on leveraging ‘Other People’s Time’ through effective outsourcing and building your million dollars teams. By far Matt Lloyd’s most utilized product which you get to sell for $194 and keep 90% of the money. Is now yours ($5,997 Value)

4. The Inner Circle – Learn the newest marketing techniques from people who are making it big online and get a 1 hour coaching call with a consultant.

5. How to Build a Funded Proposal – The Secrets of 6 or 7 figure income earners, and how to build a huge business without ever having to pick up a phone or speak to anyone.

6. Weekly MOBE Training Calls – Each week Matt Lloyd gets on the phone himself and each of these are recorded to listen to live or in your spare time. A lot of Golden Nuggets in each of these calls.

Mobe Review – The Final Vedict

I’ve said it many times…you are reading this knowing there is a 2% chance at earning a fulltime income with mobe.

Unless you literally have background in marketing, I don’t believe a newbie can succeed.

I am not saying this is a bad business, I am saying that it is going to be extremely hard! Very hard!

Mobe has paid out $64,000,000 in commissions and the Top Ten account for $25,000,000 of that.

That means out of tens of thousands of

Sorry, but I don’t.

Here is why. Let’s look at 4 of the top affiliates in MOBE as an example of how they got there.

Then you can see if you believe you can too.

  1. Darren Salkeld
  2. Tim Donovan
  3. Shaqir Hussyin
  4. John Chow

Darren Salkeld is a member of Redshift media, a marketing company that does this for a living who probably had a list.

Tim Donovan has been in the game for a long time and I’d say has a half a million person list.

Shaqir Hussyin is an absolute dominator in affiliate marketing starting out in empower network.

John Chow is a world renowned blogger with hundreds of thousands on his list.

What do they all have in common?

They all came into mobe with a list, as a super affiliate already.

They all know how to write compelling ads, run media buys, facebook ads, build landing pages and have the money to test.

I am trying not to knock them, but MOBE will come and go, I promise and Matt Lloyd already knows this.

That is why he has moved the direction to a more educational portal so he doesn’t lose his big affiliates.

Just like them all, MLM’s and affiliate marketing companies all fold at some point except a very very few.

However, there is a better way without all this mess.

Want to see my #1 System that Made me well over $170,000 Part time in 2016  

Here are some of my most recent results with this exact system:

Paypal Account 1 – $4,634.00


Chase Account – $6,980.80


Paypal Account 2 – $3,348.00


CLICK Here to see EXACTLY What I do to earn money like this…

Don’t forget:




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  • Ake

    give me benefits

    • My top tier business benefits range from low initial app fee for access to Matt Loyd’s 21 steps to high barrier of entry to eliminate saturation. My favorite aspect of this system are the high ticket items, personal phone callers, lifetime customer commissions, done-for-you sales funnel as well as email follow ups. Your sales are tied to you for life…unlike clickbank where, well it’s one and done on front end conversations…hope this helps

      • Ryan

        Here you say that your customers are tied to you for life. However, above it is mentioned they will last 6 months after purchase…

        Can you clear that up?

      • justin rice

        the income discloser says less than 1% will make a good income.so just like most companies you cant make a living off of this.so how in the world am I suppose to make a living off of this when there teaching me everything I need to know.by the way the income dicloser also said that in a year most people only make 500 to 2000 dollars a year what in the world

        • Justin

          Income disclosures are meaningless. If it could measure people’s actual work they do then it would mean something. Most people buy, try for a week, and move on to the next shiny object. I barely even promote this and am in the top 1% which is not a hard task at all. If you want to earn money, I highly suggest staying clear of income disclosures. Or if you find one better let me know. You won’t in this industry.

  • Leo

    My question is…. If I bought the license for 2k +49.00 fee, and sell the titanium or platinum, will I make the commission off of it?
    Or do I have to buy the titanium or platinum in order to make the commission off of it?
    That’s where my confusion lay. Any help will be greatly appreciated

    • Hey Leo,

      Yes, you have to own those products to make commissions. It only makes sense that way. The 2K opens you up to sell licenses and all products under MOBE. The 2 extremely high ticket items have to be owned to earn commissions and people actually buy them which blew my mind at first….just need to attract the right people and play the numbers. Let me know if you need anything else.

      James B

    • Eddie

      My website is in its final stages to promote, but I have not market it yet. Now the question I like an answer to is; Is the $49.00 application fee, just to join, no commissions? And, if so, what do you get after paying the application fee? I’m I correct the 2K opens you up to sell licenses and all the products under MOBE? If I am correct,what do you get for just selling licenses and products?

  • James, here is where I stand. I meet people like you and Brad and it makes me reconsider EN again.

    However, one of the huge plus for me with MOBE is their one-on-one phone team that takes you through the 21 steps. Most people in EN struggle because their sponsor is a dead beat and those that are doing well, they are Internet Marketing experts and they are skilled at teaching their people. (i.e. Brad at lazymlm)

    I honestly don’t have the caliber nor the time to teach people I bring into EN and this is exactly why most people in EN fail because they don’t have a good sponsor who can really spend time with them and teach them how it’s done. Most of them try to sell the product and call you wussie if you don’t go all in.

    Now, MOBE looks like somewhat newbie friendly with their phone team closing the sale for you along with personal coach that takes you by the hand. This is huge for me.

    How do you train your people after they join you in EN? It looks like Brad at Lazymlm is pretty busy doing just that.

  • PrIyAnGsHu

    Great program to work with. Quite a value for money system. I’ve been with MTTB for around 4-6 months and have been making quite good with just PPC traffic. Thanks a lot for this great review.

    • Hi PrIyAnGsHu,

      I’ve had previous success with PPC traffic for a Clicksure.com pay per lead making money online offer.

      I’m interested in this opportunity.

      If you don’t mind me asking do you really have to pay the $1,997 price tag to earn commissions?

      • Depends Michael. I make the most amount of money from selling the $1,997 product. You can earn 50% commissions but not on that. Only on his other products.

  • Dalay

    I have my mind on joining MTTB for a while now. I don’t understand what the licenses is for. Is it for all the products or does each product have its own licenses?


    • Hi Dalay,

      Thank you for the question. The license gives you access to a business in a box. You get immediate access to 4 core products that MOBE sells for around $800 total for all 4. You then trigger the phone sales team to work on your behalf. You get to sell the MOBE licenses yourself and as I mentioned you get the phone sales team selling your people and you earn 90% commission on all products except MOBE License, Titanium Mastermind and Platinum Mastermind …. well and a few more high ticket items…which you will learn if you decide to buy the License. It’s hard to explain in detail about this program. However, rest assured I have never seen anything like this before…and I personally help all my licensees 1 on 1. You send traffic to the funnel and that is it…literally!

      Hope this helps…

      James B.

    • Josiah Perringer

      I wish I would have seen your review earlier and would have signed up under you, because this is all new to me, blogging, marketing, all of it. Thats my luck though, thanks for the great review:)

  • Johnny

    hello James,

    I’m just wondering about the payment of $1,997 for Matt LLoyd complete business package it also mentions a monthly payment of $99? I would like to know what the $99 a month is for?

    • Hey Johnnie,

      Thanks for the question. The $99 is for the inner circle. If you choose to break up the $1,997 it’s $597 a month for 4 months…a lot of people don’t know you can break up the $1,997. As far as the $99, it is not necessary, but it’s worth it. Well, at least for me it has been worth it.


      973-752-1883 text if you need anything

      • Fil

        Awsome review champ . Please correct me if I am wrong but the way I understand the residual commissions for every licence sold the residual income is $ 50 per month . For Every Titanium the residual is $ 100 per month and for every platinum master mind it’s $ 150 per month so if you hold a Mobe licence $ 50 residual from each person you sign up If you hold a titanium it’s $ 150 residual from every titanium member under you. $ 300 residual for every platinum master mind member under your name .Plus 5% of the commissions from everyone that you directly sponsor . I am not 100 % sure about the 5% . Can you clarify this.

        • Fil

          First, thank you for the kind words. Second everything you said is 100% correct. Do you own the license or your doing your research??

          Thanks Bud,


  • Terry

    Hi James,
    Thanks fora very informative review on MTTB/MOBE.
    Are you Titanium or Platinum? How, in your case, do you drive traffic? As I am a beginner for internet marketing, I do not have any promotional items like blog or video etc,,, What are you doing Paid Ads like budget, frequency ? Ia m sure a lot of people including so-called gurus are promoting this biz. Do you see any saturation and any difficulties for newbies?
    Thanks for your advice

    • Hey Terry,

      I’m an MLR as I don’t see the reason, YET, to upgrade. Once they announce when the next Titanium get away is, then I’ll upgrade. I think I have made 1 sale from a guy who read my blog. The traffic on Google is not high enough to make tons of sales from my blog for MTTB. I am doing strictly solo ads. I use a “secret” traffic source that has very good and inexpensive traffic. Not a lot of people are promoting this. It’s to high ticket for most Gurus. Gurus are the guys you see on jvnotify, clickbank, clicksure etc…there are a few but honestly maybe I can count them on 1 hand. I see this program as the BEST for a complete newbie. Why? It’s obvious…you pay the license fee and get a coach to actually coach you on how this business works, you have unbelievable products to learn from within the back office that you get for free being a License holder, plus they have done for you traffic and a traffic coach. I was blown away. Honestly, and I’ve made a great deal of money with this. Oh, and through me, as a bonus, I mentor you 1 on 1 if you need it, plus I BUILD A BRANDABLE BLOG FOR YOU. All you need to do is give me your url and hosting accounts…I do the rest…for free. 🙂 Hope this helps!


  • Alan Murray


    Spoke with Angelo ssarros said 49.99 for 21 steps etc.. after 21 steps you can earn some money, as I have been scammed 10X or more now, I do not have 2000.00 to buy license.. Angelos said you can start with not buying a license and advertise on craigs list, facebook etc, Is this correct?Alan

  • Shannon

    Hi James,
    I really like the idea of MTTB and understand owning the license, it all seems to make sense. But I was wondering how do you initiate traffic, how will I know who to contact for selling, I know this is probably in the training. Is it similar to those businesses where you go door to door ( in this case email?) and start with your friends and family? Or does the program provide you with a way to contact people?

    I have tried to register for the program before, but my bank and credit card company blocked the payment to this program? Is it safe?

    Another question is how many hours per week would you spend to try and make 2-3 sales per month?

    Sorry for so many questions, there are just so many things I don’t know about the program, it just seems to good to be true.

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    • Shannon,

      Through my link, I provide 1 on 1 support. In addition, you get your own coaches throughout all 21 steps and then a 30 day traffic coach that will teach you everything. I, on the other hand, will provide you with all my traffic sources that are working tremendously!! 🙂


      • you have to call your bank and ask them to approve the charges from My Top Tier Business (Matt Lloyd Publishing). That is the case for most online companies! This is as safe as they come!! 🙂

  • Kari

    Hi James
    I just purchased this program and will talk with my coach tomorrow since it’s Sunday. Right now, I’m not working, I noticed the length of the videos for the steps and can go through them probably quicker than most people. Do I have to do one step per day or can I do more? Also, when do we need to pay for the licenses? I may be misunderstanding that and it may be cleared up tomorrow. There’s a reason I ask which I could email you. One more question. I don’t have a website or blog. Do I need one? If so, where’s a good place to get one for photos? I have some to sell. May as well do that with it if I can.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Kari.

      Who did you purchase it from?


    • Oh and you can do as many steps at once but some require to speak to your coach first. I have some leverage to move you faster but I’m not sure if you bought from me, which I don’t think you did. Hopefully the person who sponsored you will help you too! You’ll get a traffic coach too to learn paid advertising. If you bought thru me, I’d build you a blog for free.

      • Louise Macleod

        You build people blogs. Can you do one for me? I have just signed up with Mike Lee as my Coach….21 Steps, does that mean he will oblige or have a lost out there? 21 Steps from day I joined (tonight 13th)? I don’t even get to see him until 16th? I don’t want to lay out £2k from the outset either, until I earn THEN they can deduct that figure in sizeable chunks. I cannot complete the 21 steps in under 21 days ? Or can I? Oh dear, so if I do not make a dime it will be arguably because I did not have access to the first step yet, I need to wait for Mike…… on 16th…. Matt emphatically states during that initial pitch that all we have to pay is $49? Which I thought was too good to be true but I hate to feel hoodwinked should tell you upfront that the cost is not just going to be a measley $49. I can see from someone’s post that they do not force people to pay two grand, but I suppose they impose certain restrictions on those people? I am in two minds about it because of the lack of transparency with his initial intro, you know the once upon a time I am going to tell you a story…tap into your unconscious mind…build pretty pictures…..dorrr. I am so kind that all I ask of you is £49 and I will give you $500 cash back if you fail….yeah, right.

        • Louise
          That part of Marketing can be debated, however one must understand that if earning $1K, $3K or $5K just from $49 fee, anyone would do it. That should have raised your eyebrows. In addition, you can be an affiliate for MOBE and pay nothing, just sell his products just like clickbank for 50% commission. All that is the truth. Pay the $2k get 90% commissions and add the higher ticket items to your arsenal. $500 cash back if you fail…yea not really possible because if you follow the steps, you will make money…


        • Louise Macleod

          Hi, yes, I am all in now and ready to purchase the higher ticket License, finished Step 6 this morning but am still waiting to access Step 7. Is is usual for Coaches to be hard to get hold of? He was going to ring me today he said to go through strategy, but despite me leaving a message via various means, I have not had a response….strange? Or am I being a whinger? I could have gotten a lot done over the weekend, but I am at the mercy of someone else, that I cannot get hold of. Since we are encouraged by Matt to get the Steps completed if possible in 14 days, which I could have done quite easily, I find it very frustrating that I cannot. Do you think I am being unreasonable? A part of me hopes you say yes! Will make me feel less put out!

  • Jason Welcome

    Hi can I buy Platinum right off or do I have to buy Titanium & a License first?
    Thanks jason

    • Jason,

      You can apply, buy the license then titanium then platinum, one at a time all together or just license and titanium then whenever your ready platinum. Seperate products all sold separately! 🙂

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    When I pay the $49 sign up fee do I immediately have to purchase the$1,999 license fee?

    • The license allows you to sell the license to others and earn 90% commissions on most of the other products. The app fee gives you access to 21 steps of training. The license is not required but it increases your commissions by 40% (90% total) rather than just getting a 50% commission on his other products.

      Hope that helps


      • Hi James,

        Thank you for clearing up the issue about whether you have to purchase the license in order to be able to participate at all in earning some kind of commission.

        Since my funds are low, $49 will allow me to promote Matt’s other products(not the license) for 50% commission and get paid every 2 weeks period.

  • michael rosemond


  • Darva

    Hi James thanks for the informed review. I am a bottom line person and I appreciate your integrity. Since I am between jobs, I do not have a lot of money to put out up front. I would need to only do the application fee at first. Would I need to purchase the License fee within the first 30 days? Is there a time frame placed on this or can it be when I am ready? It also sounds like there would be other fees involved, such as hosting and setting up an auto responder, is that correct? One last thing, I am not sure of the date of this review. How is the business doing as of April 2014?

    Thanks for your time,

    • Hi Darva

      You can get going for the $49 application and earn 50% commissions but won’t be able to sell the high ticket items. When you are ready and pay the license fee which can be broken down in 1, 2 or 4 monthly payments, you get 90% commission on most products and can earn 1K, 3K and 5K commissions on the higher ticket items. There is no pressure to buy the license so you still can get access to the MOBE products and sell those for 50% commission. Once you decide to join, and buy the license I build the blog out for you if you choose to go that route. If not, then you get my paid traffic course and I teach you how to get traffic on demand to this offer.

      Hope this helps


      • samuel tan

        Good morning, I recently read some reviews by people who have tried the MTTB system and had some common worries and questions to ask about how the MTTB system works. I am a complete newbie to the business platform hence I wanted to clarify my doubts before joining this business, BTW I am a college student, so can only afford to part with $49, and my credit card limit of spending per month is $500.

        *What types of products am I selling on MOBE or MTTB? Very much like a online reseller program or affiliate marketing model akin to Amazon or Ebay?

        *What happens after I complete the 21 steps, do I have to continually repeat the whole process again over and over, or it runs on AUTOPILOT MODE from the completion forever?

        *Many people on warriorforum have lambasted and shown their frustration over step 6 which is the requisite to pay $1997 to continue the program, is it necessary or just OPTIONAL to buy the licensing program at step 6, because I simply cannot afford to have to spend another $1997 but to just go with the INITIAL $49 and generate good income from there, until I decide to save up enough money to fund the licensee program purchase at a later date.

        *Will I still be able to earn a decent income monthly if I do not upgrade with the $1997 purchase, but continue to earn a consistent stream of income from my $49 to gain access to the “completely turn key business model online done for you model”? How much possible income or royalties/commission fee would people normally earn using JUST ONLY the $49 subscription? What is the maximum commission fees will I be entitled through the sales funnel if I choose not to upgrade?

        *What am I supposed to do in the running and management of this business on a daily basis, if everything is already taken care for me, a proprietary “done for you” autopilot system which does all the sales calls and fulfillments from the sales call team and customer service, payment processing and sales fulfillment etc. Do I just track my google analytics to see how much money I have made daily? Exactly, what must I do-I read other websites that says you just have to drive traffic to the “sales funnel” which then spits out money at every level depending on whether you are an affiliate or a business franchisee /licensee.

        *Lastly I heard about building a blog for newcomers, what is it about, I have no technical skill and no tech junkie or program software developer myself, not a computer engineer by training and education. I appreciate your help.

        I thank you in advance for clarifying my deepest doubts before embarking on the program with you in charge. You can answer my questions in bullet point form individually. Have a nice day.

        Best regards,
        Samuel Tan

        • Samuel,

          Unlike most, making a commission on you is not my priority. Honesty is below.

          $49 gets you 21 step trainings, 50% commission on his products and his funnels.

          Drive traffic to your affiliate link and that’s basically it. Sound easy? It’s not. What kind of traffic? Where do you get it?
          How much is it?

          Most start a blog because you can get free traffic. That’s what I do. However, you need seo, backlinks and great content.

          I only tell you all this bec when one tells me they have no access to capital, people need to know it will take few thousand dollars to get this business started. Unless you have already established a blog or have some experience. Complete newbie? Nah, a lot to learn and knowledge costs money.

          Sorry bud, trying to save you time and money you do have.

          My advice, go create a blog, post and learn about this business and join Chris Farell Membership to learn A-Z of Internet marketing.

          It’s true you only need to drive traffic but without the license rights, your never gonna make money on paid traffic. Go out and learn, save your money and when your ready, come back.

          Good Luck in your adventures.

          Ps, check that site above. It’s good starting point.

          • Thank you very much for your frank and candid comments, I appreciated that.

            In summary I would need to start a blog or website myself first before entering this business, which the window period will close immediately soon. is that correct? I heard there are limited slots for people who are interested in MOBE or MTTB, before they jump onto the bandwagon of opportunity or it will be too late to join the game.

            *Would it be possible to start with literally zero experience in the internet marketing world and purchase the $49 entrance fee to become an affiliate not an licensee or franchisee, and get only 50% commissions of all the sales that comes through my account, following the 21 step plan and getting started in a big way, even though I would say my target is merely $3000-4000 in the first month of inception of my new business with MTTB?

            Because primarily my intention is to set up this business as cheaply as possible at $49, then bankroll and increase my earnings and savings realistically before getting things started on a higher plane of earning bigger bucks. Is this realizable and possible solution to earn money and save up for the bigger portion of the business at MOBE through which attaining a license will be my next step.

            what about spending $49

            *You meant to say that I will need to save as much money as I can before attempting to even put $49 on the table to get an affiliate to sell MOBE products, or else the system cannot work for me. How many thousands would it be sufficient to start things moving at a fast speed with MOBE?

            *What about sales funnel? It basically means we need to drive traffic, then to do some lead generation and conversion into sales? 1st step we have to build a list that goes well into over 50,000 people, building up relationship through traffic and visitors via an autopilot/autoresponder email, and slowly moves down the sales funnel into prospective buyers etc.

            *what is the difference between MTTB and MOBE? what is the highest ticket commission product which can be sold through each of the 2 systems?

            I seriously hope that Matt Lloyd will not close the golden gates of opportunity too quickly by disallowing new people to participate in the business as good as this, people of my age going up to stage and taking cheques of $50,000-$100,000 is making me rage within continuously and I am determined to do this business well so am asking as much questions pertinent to the technicalities and aspects of this business before committing myself to making big money-which I deem to be a US$10-15,000 a month salary online marketing.

            Lastly, I hope it will not be too disadvantages and too slow to progress by taking time to learn about Chris Farrell membership to learn A-Z of internet marketing, while sitting out on MTTB forever.

          • Samuel

            Jumping in at the $49 level to grab your spot could be beneficial as that won’t expire. MTTB is the licensy program for MOBE products. MTTB also has 2 high ticket items ranging from 8-16K. Yes 8-16K. Sometimes one thinks their way out of opportunities. I hope I make sense when I say that. It is good to do your due diligence, but at some point my friend, you need to jump in something and start learning as you go. Nothing will come easy, AT ALL! You won’t start making thousands of dollars in 1 month. It is not that is impossible, it is just a lot to learn. Think of it like college. Instead of 4 years to learn something, this can be learnt in 3-6 months, with much higher rewards at the end. BUT, it does not come easy. This has been the hardest journey so far in my life, (it started in October 2013) and believe me it is 100% worth it.

            Good Luck.


          • samuel tan

            Hi James,

            could you give me a breakdown on what extra additional things I would need to learn personally outside of MOBE 21 steps training programme, before I become a master at doing it? So I will try to satisfy all these additional criterions before joining MOBE as you have mentioned in the previous responses to me,lots to learn before attempting this journey.

            Because I asked this question based on the fact that we just need to follow the 21 steps faithfully then we are done, the system will work for us on autopilot mode, with minimal or some decent amount of work put in to do maintenance and monitoring, daily management and tracking of results and other stuff to keep things in working order, but thats about it, the framework for success is already established.

            based on the results demonstrated to work for other newbies, how many months before making literally thousands of dollars say $4-6k/month?

            I have at this junction something important to ask-after spending the initial $49, would it be possible for me to complete all 21 steps without incurring any extra charges like buying the $1997 MOBE license and other programs before I even make my first dollar of sales online?

            Lastly, personally how much have you made since October 2013 only using MOBE product and system? Its really inspiring knowing how far others have excelled in this journey, being just a few short months, that serves as a great motivation for me to get started even as a student!

      • kevin

        I disagree on this answer . Because right now im at step 7 and 8 . I cant get any further until i buy the mobe licence says my coach . That really sucks !
        They definitely put a little pressure on you . So be prepared to have 2k for the licence . Otherwhise you will be stuck … like me ( for the moment though ) .
        Lucky for me i have my friend that brought me into this . He’s teaching me everything i need to know untill i can afford the 2k MOBE .
        But hey Darva , maybe your lucky and James here will do the same thing 😉 cheers .

        • Kevin, yes you can. You can still earn 50% commission on the products but can’t sell the MLR.

  • Driea

    What is MLR

    • Mobe License Rights. $1997 and get to sell the MLR for a thousand buck commissions….plus get 90% rather than 50% commission on the mobe products.


  • Louise Macleod

    Hi James

    Do you do MTTB, MLSP and EN? And how does the Viral Blogging course work? Is it linked to you in some way?


  • Louise Macleod

    Hi, apologies for whinging, my Coach has tried to contact me, just got the voice mail, just getting antsy because I am raring to go, MTTB is such an awesome money making system, I can’t wait to get the steps finished. Your site James is brilliant, such a wealth of information. I can go in at a higher level than $1997 if I wish?


  • Christina Gauby

    I have been looking for something that can do from home but just haven’t found the right thing, I would like some info on how this system works.

    • Christina,

      I think I did a pretty good job in my review about how this works. If you have any specific questions, go ahead and ask on here and I will answer them.



  • Cari

    Hi James –

    I truly appreciate your review and all of the information you have provided in your responses above. I just finished step 6 and I have been trying to decide whether or not I should purchase the $1997 license package. I was laid off about 6 weeks ago so money is tight in our family. I didn’t realize that it was possible to make money (50%) commission without first purchasing the licensing. I am prepared to spend money to generate traffic, but my question is can I work as an affiliate for a while in order to save up the money to purchase the licensing at a later date? As I said – my family is on an extremely tight budget. Since I have been laid off I have been researching ways to make money from home and MTTB looks very good.

    Thank you

    • Don’t put yourself in financial danger, but on the flipside, sometimes when the back is against the wall, we have no choice but to succeed.

      Tough decisions, but yes you can still earn 50% on mobe products, not mttb products.

      • So the phone sales team has no problem closing sales on mobe products?

        • Correct, however they will be trying to sell them the license, which you wouldn’t earn any money on since you didn’t buy it.

          They will always try to upsell but the license is what they want to sell.

  • Danial

    Hey James,
    I’m also part of the ‘crowd’ who is looking for some clear answers before joining MOBE. Without further ado, let me get started:

    – The sales pitch say that you have to pay $49 Application Fee and if you don’t earn $1000 in 30 Days – Money back guarantee + $500 ! The question stands, How do we make the $1000 Dollars?

    – If we don’t buy into the $1997 PLR, that would mean that we can’t sell the $1997 License to other right?

    – In the above scenario, what do we sell? What are the MOBE products that we promote ?

    – There is no income stream right? Meaning if i sell i get.. if i fail to sell anything for 2 months ever after giving 2 years to MOBE.. i get nada. Right?

    • Danial….

      Buddy, I appreciate the questions, but if you are a real estate broker and don’t sell a home do you earn money? Nope. No different. If you are thinking about getting the $500 back if you don’t make a grand, well then 98% of me tells me you won’t make anything. You already have a failed mindset. I’ve never bought anything expecting to get a refund. Believe in what you are selling, or don’t sell it. Mobe has a lot of products….like over 40 you could sell at 50% commission. If you don’t buy the MLR, you can’t sell it. The $49 just seperates the thousands of affiliates who will never make a dollar online now or ever no matter what they try to promote. Guys do this so they don’t have to deal with clickbank affiliates….hope this helps!

  • Hey James just stopping by and showing some love and most of all i want to thank you for your quick response when i first contacted you about a month ago and joined this MTTB and MOBE and i’m ecstatic and glad i have connected with someone who is truly about what they promote and talk about and provide the guidance to help me and others move forward. Again Thanks A lot i will be touching base with you this week and get something i like to get some info from you.


  • Jon

    Hi, so if we only stick to the 49 bucks membership getting 50% comm, does it still works the same way as buying the licence that I only have to drive traffic to get sales?

    • You won’t be driving traffic to the sales page to sell the license. However, there are more products you can promote to drive traffic to. So to answer your question, yes, you can make this work with the $49 app fee.


  • Auss

    Do you still offer your personal bonuses if I don’t buy the MOBE license and just stick with the $49 package at first?

    • Hey, nah I’d go broke if I gave those huge bonuses for $49 bucks. Lol. I do that with the purchase of the mobe license.

  • James

    Besides the application fee and the MOBE license, what kind of budget would be needed to start with?

    • Well, could be not much if we get your blog up to top of Google. That’s what I do. Might not happen just from my work, you may have to get some more links etc…if not, you need a few hundreds bucks a month for paid traffic.

  • Shay


    How are you doing?
    To be onset with you, I have the MTTB Licence and I’m trying to sell it with no success so far.
    I can’t find a quality traffic. I’m so desperate and I don’t know what to do.
    I’m so broke that I even don’t have enough money to pay the rent for my apartment. Also, I’m taking care if my mom.
    I wish , I had money to invest on my business , but I don’t have it right now.
    I’m so desperate
    I really need help and I don’t know how and where to get it. How much is it going to cost me to sign up to your program? Can I really see a results on the near future?

    My phone number is 4088388099

    Thank you in advance,

    • Shay,

      First mistake you made was buying the MTTB license if you had no more capital at all for marketing. That is like opening up a bagel store and spending all the money on building it, but don’t have enough money to market it or even buy the necessary materials to help it run. Since you already have it, go through all the trainings and learn learn learn…make some videos teaching other people to do exactly what you learned, throw it up on youtube, optimize it, and start getting some free traffic to your sales page. If you own the license, you have 2-3 coaches to help you. Have you utilized any of the coaches…also, who did you buy the License through? IF it was me, you would have gotten a lot more help, so reach out to the person who you bought it from.


  • ross scarantino

    James……enjoyed your video on MOBE……i recently joined….going through training…..would also like your assistance…..email me with information…..talk soon

  • umer

    Hello James its nice to learn and hear all about this system…. I need more guidance… My whats app id No is 00923233570637.. Can u add me and guide me there??

  • MTTB has been very good to me too. I’ve made more money with it than anything else I’ve tried. All the best.

  • Balakrishna

    hi james
    do i need a own website …..?

    after paying 49 ,do i need to sell products on my own or else wat ?

  • Ryan

    James, do you have to buy the MOBE license before you can make any money at all with MTTB?

    I just wondered if once you get in for $49 there are any products you’re qualified to earn off, because lots of people don’t have $1,997-myself included!

    • yes, there are like 50 products you can sell. You just can’t make commissions if that person also buys the MLR.

  • Brent

    So if I have the MLR and start driving traffic to my page and started getting 1k commissions, Do you make anything off your team that joins underneath you? I keep reading reviews of many people in mttb about how much they get per month from signing up people but what happens when you have a slow month and no one joins? do you still make anything off of the people who joined under you? My plan is to start small and work big. Once I have enough and then some, go to the next level etc. Not looking to buy the farm yet, just wondering if there is a safety net.

  • Pablo A. Piano, Jr.

    Aloha James,

    Your review on MTTB & MOBE is very educational and interesting. I’m under training now with a Traffic Coach. I’m a MOBE Licensee. How often do you write reviews? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? as I want to read & learn

    • Pablo A. Piano, Jr.

      What does a Personal Coach, Business Coach & Traffic Coach do? Please explain in detail for what each Coach does? Thank you.

  • Sandeep tomar

    Hi bazi , this is Sandeep from India and Iam very much interested in joining mttb but I have few questions like when I complete this 21 step program do I have to pay the1997 $ for mobe in a given time span or I can pay when I get the money Arranged and one more doubt do I have an option of paying this amount in installments ???? Awaiting for your reply ….and I don’t have a blog yet or a website as Iam completely newbie to this field ….

    • Sandeep,

      You can wait to buy into the MLR and they have 2 choices. A 5 month or 2 month installment.

      If you apply and use my link I’ll build you a custom blog for free when you purchase the MLR.


  • Ron

    Is this an MLM or does it have a two-tier structure from my perspective?
    Is the end product that people are just getting the licence to sell other licences or is there a tangible product or marketing system to sell something other than the licences?

  • Debra

    Very good review on MTTB. I am interesting to join under you and need your assistance in the future. Please email for more details. Thanks a lot!

  • maria

    hi i am inerested in paying up the 49dll fee and than moving my way up?
    Can i start earning money before the 21 days?

  • dylan

    What happens if you have the 49 to pay but not the 2000 for a license

    • You can’t sell the license and get 90% commission on the other products. You get 50% and the MLR will not pay you if someone buys it.

  • Rohit

    Hi James

    I am Rohit from India.I have read all your reviews and comment and your suggestions.I really liked you work.
    I was planning to join mttb but i am currently able to pay only $49. I write blog and have a good knowledge of white hat/on-page optimization.I never tried in affiliate marketing before.
    I even have a blog if you like to see http://onlineseoclassroomforbeginners.blogspot.in
    I am not so experienced in SEO to but know good enough to start.Should i join mttb. Please help…


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