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Long Tail Pro Review – My Secret Sauce Revealed

Some people have asked me how I went from owning a Blog that had O visitors for 7 months and being so depressed about why nothing I bought worked….to living the life of confidence that no matter what valuable post I put out there, I will get hundreds of visitors to see it….thousands are visiting my site every month…

By how and why did it all change…

There are a few reasons that I share around this blog about why my fortune has changed, but one of my most secret weapons is Long Tail Pro Platinum, which you can purchase here.

Let’s sit back and think about what YOU are after and why you are here….


Or…what money can give you?

Time, freedom, nice cars, nice house, great vacations and a slew of other non-essential life wants that we all deserve!

We are meant to live abundantly, but we all must pay that sacrifice before we can reap those rewards.

Once you establish what you want out of YOUR business, you need to angle yourself and give yourself the best advantage possible.

How do I do it on a daily basis?

I sell high ticket products with high converting sales funnels and blog about them with my target audience in mind.

You see, for example, the top earners of most affiliates don’t actually make all the money they say they make….

….did I hear a gotcha?!!…

They do a lot of paid advertising….

I can drop only 2-3 names that are in the top 50 earners of the affiliate program I promote that only do blogging. I learned this from one of those 3 people…and his 35K a month is all profit…just like my earnings are all profit.

I bank and rank using Google and YOU can too…without lifting a finger for paid traffic.

But how dammit!! lol…

ok, ok, I’m getting to my point I promise.

Blogging For High Ticket Items Using Long Tail Pro

The Money Train is an easy ride if you listen to what I am telling you in this post….

If you use Long Tail Pro to position yourself with high searched keywords and use the Competition Tool in the Platinum version called “KC” you can get on Google within a few days.

Just Google some of the posts I have on this website. I am ranking for some high quality search terms that didn’t take me long to get rankings for.

Should I pat myself on my back…? lol

Nah…the money speaks for itself and the lives that are changing due to delivering quality content is more than enough…

I’ll save that PAT for you once you jump on board with me

You see, you just don’t know it yet, just like I didn’t know it, but you are an arm’s reach away from learning how to make this money online thang work….

I know this because I was you in that chair just a few months ago….

Then I was shown step by step what tools to use, how to use them and how to leverage the internet to make that funny money rain

Once you believe that all it takes is a simple blog like this, some tools to help you get that unfair advantage over the other million struggling bloggers/internet marketers, a great product to market and 4-5 hours per week, then it’s yours for the taking…

All of it…you can go ahead and have the pie and then eat it all my friend…

and it’s a damn good felling…

damn….went off on a tangent…just feeling passionate because what I am saying is true…


How does Long Tail Pro Give you an Advantage

That’s like asking why a pit bull will tear apart a Yorkie in a fight…(BTW I have a Yorkie so no offense to those owners)

sorry for the visual but Long Tail Pro has that much power…

Let’s think about this for a second….you’re here to make money online, but you need to stand above the rest of the millions of people who are after the same exact outcome your after…

….so you need tools yo…

The good news is…. out of the millions….. 97% will literally do nothing with things they purchase…including people who purchase Long Tail Pro from me…most do nothing with it….

Sad…but true and it hits home with me because for 7 years I was that 97%…

To be honest Long Tail Pro kind of changed my thinking along with other programs that taught me how to market online.

Let’s take my blog as an example:

Every single post I wrote after my first few posts when I first started, are going after a keyword I found using Long Tail Pro that has low competition.

The tool is sick…

Why write a post if you can’t bank on it…to waist time? nah…not in to that…

best part is…

I can show you exactly how to find that niche, build a simple blog just like this one, use This Tool to rank and start making that Funny Money…

Is it really that easy?? The concept is that easy….the execution of that concept is hard…that is why the rewards are endless….and quit frankly….ridiculous…since nobody is willing to do it.

It is human nature to talk yourself out of things…

Now….go ahead and watch that video above and tell me what you think below….

Got me?


If you purchase from my affiliate link…

…..I’ll send you a sick bonus that you will absolutely LOVE!!

Just put your clickbank receipt in the comment section and I’ll shoot the bonus over..






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  • jan


    I am familiar with some or most of the items in your secret sauce. I became overwhelmed with all of the extra fees – that is why I did not continue when I tried it a couple of times. So, in light of that, perhaps the membership route of ipas or MTTP is the way to go because they are already part of the 47.00 a month or what ever that you are paying for. Also, empower network…you pay for the blog platform each month, but otherwise you will need to pay for all of these separate things.

    I am in ipas2 – just started a little less than a month ago. I tried empower network before but spent more than I made so stopped. I was surprised to see that ipas2 is connected to en – so hear I go again. Where I am stuck now with ipas2 is that I cant come up with all the monthly charges AND pay for traffic to get the ball rolling.

    I do understand the importance of a blog but that all takes time and I NEED to start recapping some of my money.

    My other thought is to start over with ipas2 with you as my coach. You sound like you genuinely want to help people.

    I understand alot of how this works but wonder, can I buy an email list of opportunity seekers and send out emails offering the ipas opportunity? I want to know how to best get the word out using email. Right now I am hesitant to use facebook for this until I get the ball rolling. Then I will offer this to family and friends. I will not do that until I have the ball rolling and have some success. I guess I am not willing to stick my neck out until I am somewhat successful.

    I look forward to your reply.


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