Local Marketing Vault Review

Welcome to the Local Marketing Vault Review! 

This product was launched by James Bonadies and Jason McKim in the middle of March of 2017.

There was some skepticism along the way, but I will reveal exactly “what is the Local Marketing Vault“, if it’s a scam and how can or maybe can’t it help you make money.

Local Marketing Vault – The Vault

The bold claims about this product reveals the ability for someone to come in and:

  • Land Clients MUCH faster?
  • Land Clients MUCH easier?
  • Make More Money when landing a client?
  • Add $10,000/Month to your business in 30-90 days?
  • Never worry how to actually get results for existing clients?

But how…?

See in the era of the online world, so many people have gotten into Local Business Lead Generation.

and as cool as that is, and as amazing it has been to me, a lot of people struggled to make enough money to actually change their life.

The issues were always the same. When pitching to a Local Client, they want to know when will they see a return on an investment.

For so many years, most people pitched SEO (search engine optimization) which worked well for a while.

However, the issues that arose were:

  1. It takes a long time to Rank Local Business.
  2. It takes a long time to actually get them results.
  3. Even if the site ranks, will the leads live up to the hype?

There are so many variables when pitching SEO to a Local Businesses, which has proven over the years to force people to quit this type of business.

Then what happens?

People leave, and the horrible venture down the rabbit hole continues.

Local Marketing Vault Review – The Alternate to SEO

According to these guys, the remedy to SEO would be Paid Traffic.

This sounds good but how?

That is the exact purpose of the Vault.

A “done for you” market place of all the things you need to succeed when running paid traffic for Local Businesses.


Why would I want to run paid traffic when I can get FREE traffic?

It’s important to actually look at the Free Traffic Flow to understand:

Local Marketing Vault

The Free Traffic Flow to get lead flow for local businesses seems exhausting.

Build a site, create content, find an actual address, then build citations, then links, then hope leads come in etc…

You get the point.

So, these guys make their point by showing now their new process:

Local Marketing Vault


They say to build a 2 Page Site (funnel), use an adwords coupon (free advertising) to send traffic using Adwords.

Since it’s Adwords, leads will come in rather quickly, so you can send your potential client FREE leads to impress them.

Usually, when I sent free leads to a client they loved me for it, and the sell was a lot easier.

However, there are some issues!

Local Marketing Vault – The issues

I will start off by saying, every product or program has its issues, so lets see if they have the solutions:

  • Most Don’t know how to run Adwords
  • Most Don’t know how to run Facebook Ads
  • And…Finding the right targeting, landing pages, keywords takes a lot of:
    • Time
    • Money
    • Experience

The first thing I would say is, finding the right combination of:

  1. 2 Page Sites
  2. Keywords
  3. Targeting
  4. Ad Copy

takes time and a lot of money.

Take it from someone who has spent over $2,000,000 in Google Adwords and $300,000 in Facebook Ads.

This process is not easy.

Local Marketing Vault – The Answers to the Issues.

The cool thing is their answer to these issues is the Program. The Actual Vault Contains everything you need to run a successful campaign.

You GET with the Vault:

  •  Access to the EXACT Landing Pages THAT CONVERT?
  • The Exact Step by Step over the shoulder process to launch PPC/FB Campaigns THAT WORK?

They give you EVERYTHING!

Check Out This Video of Chris: A monthly contest winner and user of the LMV system. You can watch from the beginning or FF to about 2:12 to see the full review of the local marketing vault start!

Looks pretty amazing to me. Matter of Fact they already have dozens of testimonials to back up their claims.

What Does It Cost?

  • As more niches, funnels, sales tactics etc…. plus more students and more great results are added the price does vary. They do offer some payment plans, but the best way is to just schedule a call and see for yourself! You can click here to sign up for one….. >>>


Local Marketing Vault – The Verdict!

My verdict is, KILLER Product. I have used this process before, and it works better than any other process I have ever been part of.

You can absolutely run paid traffic yourself without the Vault, and succeed. However, having access to the Local Marketing Vault, will

100% cut the learning curve and the amount of money you have to spend to find winning campaigns. As they say themselves, just

plug, play and profit from already proven campaigns that work. The cool thing is, they keep adding more campaigns that you will have access to as well!

Amazing product done by amazing people. 😉 lol

Click Here to See it In Action