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Legendary Preferred Destinations – Membership Review


I need to step out of my normal routine and give a review of legendary preferred destinations for the hard rock membership. Because of this experience, I now ONLY BOOK my vacations through the best online booking platform on the internet. 

Normally I review products like Empower Network, Chris Farell Membership and a slew of other online affiliate products for my viewers to read, however I had some experience with this membership and NEED to share my story….

Hard Rock in Punta Cana – $1,500 resort credit of crap

I truly hope this hits page 1 of Google so people can read my membership review about this company.

UPDATE – This post is currently sitting on the top page of Google, 14 days after I wrote it for a competitive keyword. I can teach anyone how to do this so if you are interested check me out here.

Back to my story…Here it goes…

I’m chilling by the beach for a few days when I starting getting promotions thrown at me by the workers at Hard Rock in Punta Cana, Domincan Republic. Basically I was being offered the opportunity to use all my resort credits ($1,500 ) for whatever I wanted…instead of having to only use $300 for the spa, $150 for 1 golfer etc…

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They suck you in with the resort credits, however it is impossible to use as a family. I had a family of 5 including me and in order for us to enjoy the vacation and use the resort credits, we would end up spending hundreds of dollars for the other people to join because we were “capped” with the amount of resort credits we could use per excursion.

Gets worse….

If you have been to the Hard Rock in Punta Cana you understand the frustration of not being able to use your resort credits for whatever you want and as much as you want.

Keep reading…

Legendary Preferred Destinations – Selling ice to an Eskimo

Soo…..I end up going to the RCI receptionist to help me out on how I could use these resort credits as I wish.

And the selling begins…

I was told if you just sit in a 90 minute presentation about becoming a legendary member of the Hard rock Hotel, we could use the resort credits where ever we wanted up to the $1,500 they gave us…

I thought cool….I’m a man of steel, I will just walk out at the end of the 90 minutes… 🙂

Well…..not so fast…literally the best salesman I have ever come across sits down trying to close me.

Throughout the presentation he dragged me in, showed me the numbers, compared to real time prices, showed me the legendary deluxe room, brought me to the private pool, then to the private beach and on and on and on….

I was so brainwashed I truly couldn’t pass up the offer….

More on that in a minute…

As I sat there, he saw my eyes started to glaze over and right at that tipping point moment where I could have gone either way, he threw an extra 15 weeks into the World Travel RCI for no extra cost…

I’ll explain the deal I got later on…

I thought, WOW, (so stupid) I’m getting the best deal in the world…I got to have it…

However, I was smart enough to say, “James…leave, go think about it…”

So, that is what I did, I told the man I had to discuss this transaction with my family…

….he proceeded to tell me he couldn’t let me leave unless I put down a $200 deposit to “hold” the offer for 60 minutes..

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I have to say that gave me a chuckle, but as I was sweating in that room I knew losing $200 was a lot better than $18,900. God, it makes me sick thinking about it now.

I dropped the card on the table, and told the man, “Be right back, sir, please hold the offer!” Like a little puppy dog…

Somebody should have punched me in the face when I walked outside!!! Loser! lol

Legendary Preferred Destinations – How I became the salesman

As I walked over to my family and began talking about the “greatest deal I have ever seen”  I could see my mother in law wanted to smack me in my face, like a parent wants to smack their kids when they are 15 and think they are in love.

I didn’t care, I wanted to purchase this damn thing but only have 60 minutes to do so…

I knew I didn’t want to spend this kind of money on my own, so I ended up calling a buddy of mine and started selling….I was actually pretty pumped as how good I was….you know the feeling, everything is coming out right and before I could say anything else….YES!!! I got him to say yes…

As I mathematically started calculated $18,900/2 is $9,450..I started to realize…holla! I am going to buy this shit! I am actually going to be a legendary member of the Hardrock.

As I walked back to the “Slaughter House”, I could feel my body started to stand up straighter, I had a little extra pep in my step. I even walked past a group of other members and said, save me spot, I’ll be there in a little….lmao, they looked at me and was like…LOSER!

Legendary Preferred Destinations – DUN DUN…the DEAL

So…I sat there with my wife and went through the following deal with the Salesman: (18,900 usd)

15 world use weeks (RCI basically) will not receive any celebrity week
18 match play weeks (each match play week paid will grant you one celebrity week….18 celebrity weeks)
He also threw in like 3 FREE weeks to be used after the entire membership was paid.
I also get $2,000 resort credits every time I go in addition to my down payment will be transferred into resort credits.
In this example, I put down $2,800 so they gave me that in resort credits to be used for almost anything..
Not bad right?….
Legendary Preferred Destinations – I am regretfully a Preferred Member….
Ok, so this is where it all went wrong….I started to realize the following:
  • Hard Rock Hotel food sucked in Punta Cana
  • The service is so slow and they get annoyed if you want them to hurry up with serving
  • The never ending selling of this membership is ridiculous and it ruined my vacation (buyers remorse)
  • When leaving early, before anyone else, you are responsible to check out and pay for all the room charges
  • If you don’t check out, they don’t care and will hold your luggage hostage and raise a fist at you if you try and get to your luggage.
  • The resort is enormous and walking miles a day is not my cup a tea on vacation. (sure you can take the trolly if you want to inhale carbon monoxide from the fumes)
  • The cleaning services are terrible, slow and dumb. They never filled the fridge and the rooms smell like soot.
  • Did I say the food was terrible….

As I sat on the plane home, I realized I did something bad. I locked my family in the same vacation over 4 resorts for the rest of our lives. Since I hated the Hard Rock in Punta Cana, I know basically only have 3 resorts to choose from forever…

I mean how many vacations can one take to the same resort year in and year out? Variety James!!

Legendary Preferred Destinations – Before you buy, you can’t cancel!!

It is listed in the contract, you can’t cancel…

….Believe me, I tried….however I was able to downgrade to the following package: ($4,610.00)

  1. 5 World weeks compared to the 15 in current contract
  2. 4 Match/Play weeks compared to the 18 in current contract
  3. 1 free legendary week (once entire cost is paid) except dec 3rd—>Jan 4th)
  4. 2600 usd in resort credit collection exp 2033
  5. 1500 resort credit promotion exp 2018 each time I go.

I was able to downgrade my membership from an $18,900 to $4,610 package….

I am currently selling my weeks. Whomever is interested, leave a comment below. I am selling them with a small recoup fee. For example, if the week you want is $3,000 and the Celebrity week is $500, I sell both weeks with a $500 referral Fee. So you would be getting 2 weeks all inclusive to the HardRock for $4,000 ($2K/week) which is half the cost of what you could find for these hotels. You basically get the perks of the membership without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

 I’ll end this post with this: You can cancel your membership as the member below did, if you CANCEL WITHIN 5 DAYS OF BUYING. It is a universal law.

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  • Jesús

    Hi James, So HowDid You Work This Out? Who I Can Call To Change It To This Cheaper Package? Was It Quick? Did You Change It Right Away? Because In My Case There Has Been 3 Weeks Now… Please Let Me Know.

    And Thanks For Getting Back To Me On The Other Post!


    • Jesus
      Try 011 (52) 998.881.36.99 or just Google Legendary Membership hard rock and you should find a phone number. And/or look at your documents there is a phone number on there. This is what you tell them. Tell them you have had some financial issues that you are dealing with and you need to downgrade as soon as possible. They can’t deny you the ability to downgrade. However, they need to make an offer and that you can’t negotiate. In the end all they want is your down payment and make sure you keep the membership so you go back and spend money. I was called by them because I put a hold on my card which got their attention. Place is a rip off…hate myself! lol

      • Connie

        Hi James

        Thanks for your post. My husband and I bought into the membership back in November during our honeymoon. It was a surprise trip and so I didn’t get a chance to research before going. If I had, we wouldn’t have even gone to the presentation. I just called legendary to try and downgrade my membership and the rep said I wouldnt be able to downgrade but would be qualified to lower my monthly payments (I take that as just increasing the financing timeline). Apparently someone is suppose to call me back so we can discuss “options”. So far I have paid a portion of my down payment about 2500 and the other half was just charged to my credit card and I was thinking I should dispute. Any advice would be appreciated!

        • You can downgrade!! Don’t listen to their bull!

          • George

            James is right you can downgrade, but you wont get the same deal… :(….. I am very satisfied with legendary the hotels, of course they have their mistakes but at the end i can tell you the world weeks and the all inclusive weeks have brought a lot of happiness to my family since the quality is outstanding and they ddid what the promised … My opinion try it out first it really works:))))

      • Courtney

        Hi james, I follow your reviews and I can tell you do your job well. My question to you is if you used the membership and why do you say is a rip off? I have been a member with palace since 1992 and then I added the four hard rocks PUNTA CANA, VALLARTA, RIVIERA MAYA AND CANCUN… now they are openning CABO IN 2016 … Which I think is amazing. The company has given me free tickets, stays and always all my money back everytime I have done an upgrade, even with legendary. I thought what else could they give me? I respect your opinion but honestly is the best investment I have done in my life. The hotel in PCANA, is absolutely gorgeous they do lobster dinner which I really know there is no all inclusive that has ever offer me this and this was just for the members of legendary. I am talking about been offered this last tuesday in this stay. About the resort credit I thought they didnt work but once I started using it and no one in any resort has given me anything similar i can tell you I saved a lot of money in tours and spa. Not only that they had a lot of quality and the security that you feel home.

        It’s dissaponting to see this review when they to put so much effort into the service and I have seen all the changes. That they are not perfect of course they are not but I really think you should give thema second chance… I know you wont be dissapointed. To give you a little more info, yes there is always smaller deals but that doesnt mean they will give you the same value it really changes a lot and i say that because I have bought both and I have seen the difference….

        Anyways I hope this helps and hope this doesn t offend you is an honest opinion of someone has been a member over 20 years and traveled around the world and at their all inclusive collection…

        I’ll keep checking your other reviews… I know that you do your research… Do this one again… For example… There is a membership offered a long time ago that everytime you paid the next time was ” 0 ” in anyseaon… The one you said it was free depending the season… Now they dont have that Anymore but last time I took the presentation for the 11th time hahaha…. They really got something new and cool for all of us that have been loyal for such a long time…

        Send you the best and will keep checking your reviews:)

    • Mike

      The membership worked perfect with me… Sorry to hear that. I strongly recommend you to use it first. They (legendary) did everything they promise 🙂

  • Oksana

    Thank you for shearing your experience we also got sucked in into this scam the bottom line I’m stuck . we already paid 12,000 and owed another 8,000 I totally regret and trying to find someone who can help me to see the value or try to find the best possible way to use this membership
    Could you please help me? I’m thinking to downgrade but they already have 12k of my money ….. My email is myoksana7@gmail.com

    • Hi Oksana

      The best you can do is downgrade to save that 8k. I also recommend putting the deal on this comment thread that you got, so people can be educated on this sham. Since I got suckered, the best I can do is try and help people make an informed decision. I worked hard to get this post ranked and now that it is, I hope people can find this info before they sign for the legendary membership.

      Although the deals they give stink, I’m sure you can try and make the best of it. Problem is you literally only have 4 choices to vacation…being only hard rock hotels. Best of luck and any questions just post on this page like you already did.

      Thanks so much!
      James Bonadies

  • pete barelli

    In the same boat…My total came to $15,300.00 they told me I would meet the big dog that runs all the golf courses. My business is golf so I bought in and I put down 3,395.00.Can you call me at 779 772 0971. I have to get back to them by Jan 3rd thank you

  • don

    Thanks for this post…. there is a face book page as well Legendary Hard Rock Members Group…… i think its stacked by employees. I purchased as well and the only reason it works for me is that i can get cheap air fare (flying points) Everything about this group stinks… from the over the top excessive sales agents at the beach to the poor service and the Now we got ya we dont care attitude. My package was for 15900 30 pecent down and pay out of 185 per month. Feb will be our first full years of monthly payments. we got 4770 in resort credits use any time. plus our 1500 per stay which we never use (only for the spa) 2 free weeks. 30 world weeks 18 match play weeks. Iam pretty sure they make it up as they go….. I have not tried to get out of it yet but putting a stop on the credit card sounds like a way to go… i own another 10k at this point.

    • Thanks Don for your information. I have yet to try another one of their resorts, so I am hoping that goes much better than the Hard Rock in Punta Cana. I have a buddy taking 1 of my weeks and going to Cancun resort (heaven). I’ll post that on my blog when he gets back. Remember, you can always downgrade to save that 10K.

      • Claudia

        I am a Palace a Premier member and Palace co owns the Hard a Rock in Punta Cana as well as the former Palace MX resorts. As a Palace member we can state at either Hard Rock or Palace Resorts. I have been happy with the Palace membership and my RCI membership as well.

        • Claudia,

          Yes, as a Palace Resort member you do. However, as a legendary member, all we have is access to 4 hard rock hotels.


        • Lovelywoman482

          Hi, Claudia
          I purchased this membership , when I was offered a free vacation crom my family, after reading these negative comments feel like a tuturu. I believe i can downgrade if I try . Ehats the best to get free tickets or ever lower flights . You seem knowledgeable, please help . Got my membership last sept 16. I’ve only paid the down payment of 5000.00

  • jerry sheen

    so true! I’m also in the same boat, being lied to and treated like a third class citizen as soon as I gave them my signiture. Everything has been misleading and reservation people and staff in the cancun hotel are rude and not helpful at all. The manager I have been dealing with, Michael Pardo is a total waste of time, manipulating me since the start. I really with we can somehow let as many people know about this so no one else will fall into their web.

    • Damn, even The Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun too? I wonder how the Riviera Maya resort is?

      • Toni

        My niece went and she had a great time… Everyone’s experiences are different.. Your a member now and you know how to say no to presentations you’ll have the time of your life. The Riviera Mayan I hear beautiful.. I would wait till they iron out any kinks…We know Punta Cana from Moon Palace to the transition to Hard Rock. while it transitioned was so so but now its wonderful…Take your membership and have a great time with it…

        • Toni,

          I happen to agree with you. They left a bad taste in my mouth so all I am doing is sharing…

          Thanks for your comment!

          James Bonadies

  • Michelle

    Unfortunately, I am reading your blog about 4 months too late. My new husband and I got sucked into this “too-good-to-be-true” deal. We have only paid about $2400 at this juncture, but another $2400 is due to be paid next week. We did put a stop on our credit card account and expect a call soon. Thank you for the “downgrading” advice. That is a heck of a better choice than being suckered in for the entire amount.

    We did get the opportunity to visit the Hard Rock Cancun for one day last September and actually did enjoy ourselves. The Riviera Maya location was not open at that time…still being renovated. It was because of the Cancun location we decided to buy in. However, from what has been written about the other resorts…no thank you. We work hard for our vacation time and don’t need to waste it at resorts that aren’t fully spectacular. Never again will we be suckered in to a “bargain.”

    Has anyone gone through the collections routine with this franchise? I wonder if they even go that far…

    • Hi Michelle,

      I can bet they won’t go that far…wish I had the guts to go through with it….Just sent a friend to Riveria Maya and they had to leave the resort because it was so bad….I was embarrassed and ashamed….I have to pay him $600 that he got charged for having to cancel…still fighting it but I am done with these crooks!!!


    • Ashley Bradfield

      I loved Rivera maya and punta Cana going back next month second time in 7months. We also used our RCI weeks to send our nanny and her friend, as a xmas bonus, to an all inclusive in punta Cana for a total of $300 8days for both of them. She was so happy w her trip and we got to show her how much we appreciate her without breaking the bank. We also have three kids under 3. When we stayed a concierge guy called us in the morning asked which pool or beach we would be at and set up very early 3 pack n plays at the best spots and reserved the seats around it. It was perfect 12-2 they napped He would pick the pack n plays up everyday clean them and set up again the next day. I can’t wait to go back. Riveria maya is very romantic I loved the rooftop jacuzzi ocean view room service delivered directly to the rooftop. I hurt my back the last day but wanted I wanted lobster and wine my husband went to one of the restaurants placed our order and someone delivered it to our room.

      The regular room service food is not that good except breakfast But the restaurants are good. We love banana margaritas w fresh bananas. The bartender didn’t have any so I got some from the restaurant. After that they stocked the bananas everyday for us at the exclusive legendary pool

    • Lovelywoman482

      I waited till after 2 mos after payment was due , they tried to get 10% late fee , n I didnt give in , not sure if they go that far or if they can . Keep me posted

  • Pat

    Got suck in too! Luckily for the lower amount around $6000. I was more interested in the RCI side. I was lied to about how that works. I did not know that you had to pay a fee to release your world weeks to use with RCI. It is hidden in the contract so shame on me. All I can say is…..at least none of us will ever EVER get scammed again! Thanks for sharing. I was sick about it for a long time.

  • Bob and Donna

    My story sounds the same. I like the RCI thing, but it ends up costing the same, except I don’t get what I want, when I want, and Im out $18.9. I already paid in full. I suppose since downgrading would mean a refund from them, I am screwed.

    • Yea, if you paid already, they won’t refund you at all! So sorry to hear about that!

      James B.

      • louis

        are you still selling weeks I am looking?

      • Will

        If anyone is interested in selling a week pls let me know.

      • Will

        Hi James if you still have a week to sell pls let me know.

  • Felipe

    Hi, from Chile. Im surprised you don’t like Pta Cana HR resort. I’ve been in lot of resortes of these type in several caribbean places And honestly these once is these best so far. We hope going to Cancún also, but it would be difficult to be at least similar to punta cana. Maybe im not as “sibarita” as you but Food is good, toro restaurant is awsome! Well, italian restaurant sucks… And the Other average…
    Im not gonna talk about “legendary” stuff, i guess everyone should Make the numbers on normal reservation + transportation+ credits resorts (update now you can use it them all in spa if you want… And thats great.
    Of course if you leave early you hace to paid for the money you have spend, even if you are leaving for a weekend to another destination And then coming back, it’s logic to me… (Phone calls, taxes etc).
    People is great, (of course everywhere you can find a “not great one”)
    I think you didn’t mention that celebrity weeks are really cheap, thats the deal my friend… At least for me. The are seasons that they are even $0 (september). Well you have to know that what you buy is what you need, if not you Will feel scamed. That’s my point of view from someone whos is satisfaced with HRPC And Legendary stuff. Actually now im in Punta Cana for a 14 vacational days coming from Chile.
    Saludos a todos

    • Felipe,

      Thanks for your comment. We’ll try Cancun in April and see how it works out since I have no other choice but to use my weeks unless, of course, someone wants to buy them from me. 🙂 The food was very bad and Torro restaurant was closed for the dinners so I didn’t try that.

      Enjoy your stay!

      James Bonadies

      • Gassia

        Hi James,
        I would like to buy 5 days off you? Is this possible or would i have to buy an entire week?
        Let me know

        • By weeks only because you get that bonus week. What dates are you looking for? Still might be worth.


  • Frustrated Member-I’ve been a member for almost 5 years. I don’t understand if you thought the room stunk and the food was not good why did you join? We are New Yorkers. We love the beach, Room, the food & daily activities.. We have a ball when we go.But Yes I agree the sales tactics are despicable.Its ashamed that we have to be subject to this.. Its ashamed that this has to spoil our vacations.. I tell everyone Do Not GO to the presentation. They will sell there on moms underwear off of them. relentless.I actually give away my weeks and rent out some of my timeshare I have. But with that I make sure I tell them not to go to any presentation otherwise they got you. I advertise so why buy when yiu could use someone else’s membership. I have 102 weeks. You actually got a better deal then all of us… I have a Palace premier membership and I cant afford to use it. I have Legendary and the pricing just went up from last year by almost $900. for the week that I wanted to use even though it states that it may not exceed the cpi + 3 points. Do I know I’m right. Yes, contract is a contract.. But we have to remember that we are dealing with Let’s face it not the USA. The place is beautiful but expensive. Take it for what its worth and learn from everyone else’s mistakes.. Just Don’t sign…………..If you do
    .Read Read every word in your contract before you sign… Make sure everything is in writing.. Compare it all to your rates and verbiage. Don’t take it for granted that the things aren’t going to change because they do…. That is all I can state. If you go make you call the credit card company and tell them not to approve any charges more than say $400.00 in this way they can not charge anything more…Also you can bring if you did go to the presentation a credit card with a small credit limit that they can not charge…All is prepaid except for the 20% service fee which is for tips..So no need to bring anything more with a higher credit limit. Cash for extra tips goes a long way.We get treated like were royalty when we go. Know that if you do have financial problems they will let you downgrade although not always in your favor. If you do want the membership.Try to get the smallest package or buy from a resale. Buy a Timeshare.com. Dont worry about 15/ 20 world weeks they’ll be too expensive to use buy the time you get to use them.. You can have as many as mine as anyone wants. Just go to http://www.caribbeanresortrentals.com. Be smart. Dont buy. Listen from experience.

  • Bob and Donna Benz

    Currently we are trying to cancel our credit card payment, which we paid $18,900 in full! We are really dumb! We tried to transfer points to RCI as soon as we got home. They kept telling us our credit wasn’t being accepted, try again. The credit card company said there were no attempts. After a few weeks, I looked at my statement and they charged me 9 times! And, RCI still showed 0 points. The guy on the legendary phone said I could only complain on the website, which didn’t work. When it was finally up, 2 weeks later, it said our account didn’t exist. I hope we get out of this one.

    • Bob,

      OMG. Yea, I would say go crazy on them, threaten lawsuit, and make a deal with them.

      This boils my blood! So sorry this has happened!!


    • Vangy's

      I’m got suckered as well. There’s so many hidden fees when I tried to book my first “bonus trip.” Have you or anyone you know tried to put a stop payment? I’m wondering what will or can happen considering when I signed up they did not collect my SSN or run my credit.

  • don

    can anyone tell me their experience when trying to cancel the payments comming from their credit card…. will visa stop the charges….

    • Hi Don,

      They will threaten lawsuit, however then you can try and downgrade and make a deal with them. I was able to downgrade from $18,900 to $4,700…thank God! Probably could have just took their threat as a bluff but I figured what the heck, I’ll cut my losses and not have to deal with it.


  • don

    i am at the hrpc now and will do the down grade when i get back….. its been a vacation from hell….. hour and half to check in … then they could not find our kids reservation… had to fight to get thm on the bus to the airport as they could not find our payent….. one thing after another…..

    • Don, they are the worst….I almost got into a fist fight with these guys which I explained above…
      Spent so much money there and still was treated like crap….

      Good LUCK!!!

  • Leigh

    We just signed too. Can you tell me what I need to say to get a downgraded membership since I can’t get out of the contract? We put a 3k deposit down and owe 2160 by may to fulfill our down payment then we are financing 8940.00 for 4 years. I definitely want to downgrade if that’s my best option. We used 2 credit cards and have disputed the initial 5k deposit and have changed the cards. I’m sure they will be calling us tomorrow. Just looking for info on the best way to get out of this the cheapest way !!

    • They won’t give you your deposit back, that I know. But you can downgrade and eliminate that $8,490 financing….That should make you feel better! 🙂


      • Leigh

        I am fighting with them now and they are telling me I need to pay “lawyers” a $150 fee to downgrade. Has everyone had to pay this fee? My weeks also went fro a total of 40 to 8 which really sucks.

  • Star Miller

    So sorry to hear of your problems with HRPC. We bought a very small Palace Premier membership several years ago when the Moon Palace in PC was being finished. The Palace Resorts used to own all the resorts until one of the brothers in the family that owned wanted to rebrand under the Hard Rock name. They took our favorite resort, the Cancun Palace and made it into the Hard Rock Cancun. When we bought, we paid $7000 for 30 weeks plus one free week, 2 airfares and an incentive week (lower priced week with no perks). They gave us $600 spa dollars to be used immediately. At that time there were no referral weeks. When they assed the referrals, it was great because if you refer 2 couples you get an absolutely free week (no payment due – but you can’t use Christmas week). We went many times and referred 4 couples and got 2 free weeks. Actually we are ahead money wise. Before buying, we had been purchasing through members pretty much seamlessly and we enjoyed the perks (free manicur, pedicur & massage per person). We never found that members got worse tratment than non-members. We are all treated wonderfully. When the Cancun Palace changed over to the Hard Rock, we endured one horrible week with construction. We gave it another try months later and they redeemed themselves! We are going again next week (not free, but cheaper than a Legendary membership). We went to HRPC las August and had a great time (except for the Casino, but that’s another story). The food was great – especially Toro. Some of the servers were great, but we found Cancun is the best hands down. We didn’t mind the trolley and the beach was superb. The shops in the main building were so outrageously priced, we bought NOTHING! Cancun is much better because you are not tied to the resort. The best part about my membership is that I can use it at both Pslace and Hard Rocks, because the addresses are in my contract. Palace Resorts now sells an Elite Membership which only includes Palace Resorts. You are better off buying an old Palace Resorts membership from a reseller. Also, re: the food – I have noticed that the Hard Rock Cancun has almost omitted the more expensive cuts of beef in most of the restaurants. Hard Rock seems to be downgrading. The new Hard Rock Riviera Maya was gorgeous as the Aventura Palace, but what is not widely known is that they have NO BEACH! Only great pools and a man made lagoon!
    My son bought a very minimal Legendary membership and is travelling with us next week on his free week (since it is high season, he had to pay a little). I will be interested to know if he is to be treated any differently than us!

  • Dan

    I just went through the same thing 3 weeks ago, and am now trying to get out. I actually posted my full account here if you want:


    I am curious, though, did you (or anyone) try going through your credit card to get a refund? The fact is, this is complete fraud, they tell you one thing but sell you something else. Its a real good bait and switch tactic where the salesman pitches you one thing, then you sign for something completely different. My credit card company is looking into this now, and I have placed a stop payment on future charges, but I want my money back.

    • I wish I stuck it out, but ended up just downgrading and lifting the hold on my credit card because they were harassing me! Kept telling me they were going to sue.


      • Really, they told you that they would sue you? On what grounds? I was considering filing a lawsuit myself, their claims are highly fraudulent and their manner of sales goes against many standards (no cool off period, I hear, is not allowed in the states for timeshares or their like).

        I have done significantly more research into the deal I bought. In reality, the price isn’t bad given what I get out of it. Even the fact that they lied (or, didn’t disclose the entire truth) about the way RCI worked isn’t really all that bad.

        However, I really hate being lied to, or being played a fool. That simple fact makes me want out, and only that. In all seriousness, if they told the complete truth, it is highly likely I would have still bought it.

  • Somewhat Pleased

    Hard Rock Cancun is good. Service is quick, very friendly, seem to give a damn. Food is good, very clean, nice Beach, 10 peso safe busride (1 dollar) to downtown shops (hard selling here, but shop the shops with small overhead– prices are 30 % of main road shops). We will keep our membership and use again.
    Just DON’T GO TO ANY UPGRADE MEETINGS THAT REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT TIME. If concierge can’t help u, wall away.
    The resort credits are about a 40% savings, he’s how it works:
    You get so many “$” in resort credits (we get $1800 “USD”). Then, you go to the vacation planners to book your use of credits. A couple’s massage for 50 mins is like $350 resort credits. Here’s the catch: Although you use $350 resort credits, you have to pay a 20% “fee”. In this case, you are paying $70.00 actual dollars (charged to credit card on file, safe and secure). So, pay $70.00 for a great, quality massage.
    Vacation planners are cool, no up-selling. ANYTHING OR ANYONE that features an appointment time IS AN UPSELL, So DON’T GO! They may promise “90 minutes, and u get a comp”. This is NOT TRUE. Well, it could be true…. if u buy right away 😉 They will have u 3-4 hours. If u make a mistake and go, right at say “So and so said 90 mins, we are meeting a couple by the bus in 95 mins, so maybe we need to cancel. They will expedite the hard sell. Then, tell them, “before we can upgrade, we need to completely understand what we already have purchased.” Turn the meeting around, burn the time on KNOWING what u already have, get your comp, tell them “c u in 2-3 years,”; and leave. We just successfully did this. 🙂

    • I’m glad I get some positive reviews. I mean, I don’t want everything to be negative since I still own the membership. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!


  • Pattie

    we just bought at Hardrock Mayan Riviera. and want to get out of it.
    tomorrow is the 6th business day since we bought.
    you have 5 business days legally in Mexico to cancel a contract.
    we are going to Profeco, the Government organization tomorrow morning as we could not go on Friday cause we were sick.
    When did you try to cancel your contract? paying 2700 a week for all you can eat, get fat, and throw up, is too much money!!!!!!!!!!
    would appreciate it if you would send me your phone number and I will call you.
    WE are in eastern time zone right now and it is 9 pm. please I hope you get this and it is ok to phone you this evening, cause I would really appreciate talking with you. The resort credits are stupidly expensive!!!!!

    • 4 Days after I tried cancelling and they told me they would come after me….instead of me dealing with it, I just negotiated a much lower rate…went from like $18,900 to $5,000. I feel as though I literally threw $5,000 in the garbage. I may never use these weeks and would sell them to anyone who wanted to buy it. At a discount!!!! 🙂


      • Pat

        Hi James I would buy a week , how much for a week for next summer? My email is ludy201@live.com.
        Just got back from hr riviera maya and had a great time. We were tempted to buy the time share for 14,500 but didn’t. For the downgrade it doesn’t seem like a bad idea for 5,000 cause you can go to all the hard rocks.

        • Hey Pat,

          I’m not selling the week. Just the actual membership…2-3 weeks would almost cost you exactly what I paid for the membership. lol

  • Question...

    Could you please explain what a celebrity week is?


    • Celebrity week is this. You pay for a full week at about a 10% discount (although not always) from what you can find on expedia. The next week you get for like $500 bucks. That is the celebrity week.


  • marie

    Hi all,
    we are stuck with this package and after down grading there are still alot of lies.
    we are thinking of disputing our credit card fees and closing these accounts. we also heard that they cant sue us since they are based outside the US and have no US base to sue us. which court would they take us too? did anyone else hear that?

    • I have heard that, but I didn’t want to take a chance so I decided to just give up and downgrade.

      Good Luck.


      • Vangy's

        I purchased a 5K deal, but have discovered all these lies and hidden fees. Have you had anyone in your blog gone through the process of putting a stop to their credit card?
        so far I have emailed Legendary Destination regarding cancellation. However, from reading a few of the blogs it seems canceling is not an option. Any suggestions?

  • Dan Goldsmith

    Hi James.
    How much would you sell a week for? June 28-July 6th? and does this come with all the perks that come with Legendary status?

  • ALEX

    Hi james

    if i wanted to buy the week of July 21st what would be the cost? how do they determine room category?

  • Desiree Mendez

    Not sure what is the date of this post, are you still selling weeks?

  • Claudia

    we recently got a membership with legendary. I googled it and we are canceling it. according to profeco the Mexican gov. agency in control of consumer relations we have 5 working days to cancel and they should refund our money within 15 days of cancelation or we can move ahead with profeco and they will make them aware. I will still contact my bank to issue a dispute.

    • Claudia,

      Wow, didn’t know that, or I would have gone that route! They told me they were going to sue me, and I got scared! hahaha I’m glad you posted this, a lot of people need to know about the 5 day rule!


      • Claudia Ojeda

        Update. We got out of the contract, too many lies. We’re waiting on bank dispute for the 2000 we gave down, so glad we didn’t do the 5000

        • Please come back and let me know how it worked out so people understand that they can get out of it within 5 days of signing.

          • Claudia Ojeda

            I’m still waiting on the cc dispute. However I was told by legendary that not paying cancels the contract too so people can just not pay and nothing will happen except cancelled contract.

          • Claudia Ojeda

            Ok so this is a great day… Thank God today we got our deposit back….. Thought I would share…

          • Wow! Can you tell the whole story about how and why you got it back and what laws allowed you to get it back. I tried 2 days after I paid, and they threatened me. I fell for it, but clearly there are laws in place. Please share for my readers! 🙂


          • claudia ojeda

            All i did was contact them told them i knewmthatni had 5 days bc of profeco and then i went to my bank and told them the same thing. My bank did the resr. I was contacted by legendary and told that they had proof and no refund was going to be sent. I told them to do what they must but i guess my bank tried harder…

  • Liv M. A. Costa

    Luckily we didn’t get suckered in to purchase the timeshare, but on our way out from the 90 min seminar we did get suckered into purchasing a 4 nites/5 days stay at the Hard Rock of our choice for $349 we just have to pay an additional $1100 and we get $1000 back in resort credit. They never mentioned anything about having to pay 20% of the the actual cost! Should we even go or cut our losses of $349?

    • Honestly, it’s a tough call. You are still paying $362 a night, but figure another $200 for the $1,000 resort credit. I think it’s still worth it…can you find that same deal online? If you can’t, then go for it!!

  • Dave

    This guy from legendary pteferred destinations approached me on punta cana airport and offered me a lot of tour cupons for free If I go to Hard Rock Hotel…Now I realize why. I gave 50dlls to confirm my assitance. I rather to lose 50dlls than being dealing with these guys on the future. They sent a taxi to pick me up at my hotel today to take me for a tour to Hard Rock Hotel and 90 min of my time. I said “Not interested”. Thanks to this post!!.

    • HAHA! That is GREAT!!! They are persistent as hell!!

    • Maria Renee Arana

      You did the best! The same happened to us, a person at the airport fooled us saying she was from our hotel, her named is Lydia, and she sold us two excursions and the commitment to go to the 90 minutes meeting which went up to almost 3 hours, they are EXPERTS FOOLING PEOPLE, after saying no to their offers, we finally accepted one for USD 3.900 +450 for 7 nights at any Hard Rock Hotel in Mexico or Punta Cana, luckly we made numbers and it was too expensive, so we said no again. They stopped being the nice people offering things. So, afeter so many hours, a guy in another room says he works for the hotel, and that he has a good deal, USD 350 down payment and USD 1182 for 5 days. We were so tired and wanted to leave, thay we paid those USD 350 thinking we had a good deal and that the hotel backed it. BUT, when later we read the conditions in a very tiny paper they hid in the brochure, we were going to pay at the end USD 1750 por 4 nights!!! I wrote them, obviously I have not got any answer, I want my payment back.
      I didn´t go back to the place because we did not want to ruin our vacation and because we thought they were honest because they said if we wanted we could give it back. WRONG!!!!! We meet many people that was fooled, and we have read many bad things.
      The worst is that they are backed up by Hard Rock Hotel. They work inside the hotel, and they are experts fooling people.
      In my case it is not a lot of money, but they stoled it!!!! They fool people with “bargains” and you are so happy and push by them that think you really are getting a deal.
      It really makes me mad thinking that they are making a lot of money by fooling people, and it is money free of tax. I haven´t received an invoice.
      I don´t have anything against Mexican people, but the people there, most of them are mexicans, fooling people while the people of Dominican Republic are working hard and being nice to make some money.

  • Rose

    So will the contract cancel if you stop payment on your credit card? Has anyone done this without any problems!?

    • Claudia Ojeda

      Rose, I did and today I got the great news, Thank God our money is back today…

  • JD

    Bought membership for $8000…
    20 World weeks
    8 Match weeks plus 8 celebrity weeks.
    Stayed at Hard Rock Maya. Used $1500 credits for spa. Phenomenal service!
    Best vacation ever and will definately go back.
    $8000 well spent!

    • Happy it worked for someone. What resort? That is what it depends on….

      • lol…Hard Rock Maya….just saw it!!! But wait, Most people don’t have the Hardrock Maya…so your comment is appreciated but it’s a moot point.

        • JD

          Don’t know what you mean? Everyone who has a membership has access to Hard Rock Maya…

    • Sean


      I am also a member and are very happy with legendary and palace… To be perfectly honest with the upgrade to legendary they took it to anotar Level. They honored everything for palace but with legendary the benéfits are outstanding…. The 4 hard rocks are amazing and the service excellent.

      Keep using it , I see james is never used it and has dedicated so much time to this that you have to wonder about his credibility. Its just my experience… 🙂

      • Sean

        I think you are confusing my post that I spent 1 hour on, and never touched again with this blog as a whole which is my full time income.(not related to travel) This post was out of the ordinary due to my experience. However, you comment on how palace gave you all the palace perks and legendary perks. US who only got the legendary perks have 4 places to visit, not 4 hardrocks plus all the palace resorts that turned hardrock.

        Those people got much better deals.


        • Sean


          Thanks for answering and taking the time. To be perfectly honest, legendary benefits are far greater than the palace benefits since in palace you always have to pay the all inclusive. With the celebrity week and the free weeks there is nothing that beats any palace membership.

          It seems as if legendary was created to the upgrade for palace, but if you were able to get the celebrity without buying into palace you are a very lucky man and I suggest you use it.

          This is just my opinión and if you are not palace and just legendary remember you also have Disney’s, Sheraton’s, Wyndham’s, Hilton’s and other big brands with a higher Exchange power than the palace membership…. this means you have the 4 Hard rocks all inclusive but you also have over 6500 hotels in more than a 100 countries… best of luck I hope this opinión helps anyone

        • Sean

          Actually anyone who bought from legendary got much better deals….

  • Coolsail

    Hey James,

    Thanks so much for this! Not sure how old this blog is, but my family and I are booked to go to HRPC next month, July 2014. A friend who is a Legendary member booked this for us – one week at “Match Play” the second week at “Celebrity Week”.

    I just informed my wife about this blog and we are both prepared to avoid the “Presentation” at all costs.

    Do you if I get resort credits for the second week? I asked them but I haven’t heard back. Also the room type says “Legendary Deluxe Double”, but I can’t find a description of that room type anywhere – do you know anything about this?


    • No problem!

      The rooms, well yea they are designed not to match. I booked for a buddy of mine at the riviera maya, and they got a tiny room and actually left to another hotel for almost same price. I was embarrassed to say the least. However, it was mainly because the resort wasn’t finished and the place was a construction zone. Good question about resort credits. I’m not sure but is like to say yes.


    • JD

      Resort credits are only good for the Match Play week NOT the Celebrity week.

  • HAZE

    Don’t buy anything from them, the sales person presented and sold us on Presidential suite but unfortunately (too trusting) I signed paperwork for a single suite. I am so disappointed with the way they do business. I never got my money back for it. They will get what is coming to them.

    • They are the worst…it’s criminal. Matter of fact, they are threatening me because of my blog. lol

      • Gisele

        Sou brasileira e fui atacada dentro do Aeroporto de Punta Cana por abutres de venda do Club Legendary. Muito idiota confiei nas palavras de uma vendora e fiz contrato – para 5 semanas Word USE – e 2 semanas legendary que gerariam mais 2 semanas legendary – para hoteis Hard Rock. Paguei USS 6240 a primeira parcela ja paguei a segunda parcela esta pra cair no meu cartao – Com mais calma percebi que a tabela com precos das semanas – chamam de anexo G- nao foi a tabela apresentada – começou meu medo e insegurança pois se trocaram a tabela oque mais de deslealdade nao fariam comigo – como confiar numa empresa dessas – tento cancelar e recuperar meu dinheiro – isso e uma fraude. Acho que tinhamos que processar esses abutres os governos do Mexico e Rup Dominicana deveriam proteger seus turistas – e o HOTEL HARD ROCK é cumplice dessas praticas ilegais de venda? Eles sabem oque estão fazendo com os seus clientes e fãs???? Penso em ir pessoalmente a Punta Cana cobrar da vendedora Sugel que me atendeu. Uma ladra – desleal . Poderíamos fazer uma açao conjunta – algo assim contra a empresa -oque acham???

        • Alessandra


          Es muito bom, eu sou brasilera, voce viaje:) esta sensacional

  • Emad

    Hi .
    will you help me please
    i was stuck with them from February this year. as i paid 9000 dollars and i have to pay 333 dollars every months, after i been in PC which was ok but i agree the food is not in that standard as you expected from 5 stars hotel. so i went to HR cancun and is was the wiriest place i was in my live. as i am coming from the UK. i request a room with a see view and i got a room with a very bad view to the car parking, and after a compliance the moved us after 4 days in other room where they have to fix the AC because it was broken as we have 18 degree temperature in the room or we had to switch it off, they was pushing on me to upgrade my legendary membership to a VIP and pay other 10000 dollars which i didn’t agree. and i am really desperate to cancel my contract and stop pay the monthly payment at least , i found this hotel from UK by 2400 dollars with every thing and that is much chipper than any week that will offer as it is without a flight, please can you advice me ASAP. Kind regards.

    • STOP YOUR PAYMENT ASAP, call them and tell them you are in financial hardship and you want to downgrade. The salesman told me that you have the right to downgrade your membership. Whatever down payment you put, well that is gone, but can be used for the new contract that you sign with them.

      Hope that helps!


  • Rod

    This guy is full of shit. The food is great and if ur fat ass don’t like walking they will bring it to your room. The people are very nice and curtious. It drives me nuts to see shit like this.

    • Rodsface,

      As much as is love to write a rebuttal based on ur tone and language, I’ll stay professional. Each resort is different. What resort are you referring to?

      In addition, the 70 or so comments mainly have to do with how disgusted people are in terms of the membership not necessarily the food or size of the resort.

      Are you a member? Let’s talk about that. The rest was just my experience.

  • Lisa

    We are in HR Cancun right now. We also got suck in this timeshare yesterday. Last night we think about it, and know we got rip big time. This morning I call my Cc. They already charge to my acct, but I went on tell them the story. Also after reading this, I realized I have 5 days to cancel the membership. I will go out there today and talk to them and see if I can cancel it. Will keep update this for everyone

    • Please do! A lot of people need this info! Thank you!

      • Lisa

        ok. so i went down next day and of course they are reduce my member fee to $11k. so i say ok. we are paid 10k already so not much we can do. so we just go with it. then i got home and trying to book for another vacation by using my world wk. they told me, i have to paid $600 more to get my WW deposit into my account then i have to contact RCI to get my week links. I know that if i contact RCI, they will ask me to pay another fee . I call my credit card to file dispute. my credit card told me. “Visa and Mastercard have policy for timeshare purchase, customer have 14 days from the day you sign the contract to cancel the membership” if you are within that 14 days frame, you can cancel and they will refund your money back. luckly, i am still within the 14 days frame so they will refund my money back. this is life time lesson learn for me.

        • lisa

          When I went down and talk to them next day, they say i can’t cancel the contract. they don’t have cancel policy. Now i know, whatever they say or offer you…you have 14days to cancel it.. So please..remember..if you ever have 2nd thought about these timeshare thing. best thing is call your credit card.

        • Wow Lisa, amazing, I did not know this! I will post this in the blog post!!

  • Kimberly

    I want to know if the 5 days cancelation that Claudia me mentioned above is only for Mexico or also for Dominican republic. I bought mine on Friday and today is Monday. I already contact my cc company and about to write them to cancel. Claudia please help 7/28/14.

  • Kimberly

    Hi James
    Wish I read this before going to punta Cana

    Claudia .
    Did you buy yours in Mexico or in Dominican Republic? I search and don’t see the 5 rule days in DR
    Is it the universal law, can u please post the website
    Did anyone tried to use rci with the 18 points? I heard from a friend u can exchange to unpopular place not what they told me
    Thanks for all the poste

    • I believe it is a universal law

      • Lisa

        Kim…please call your CC ASAP. if you use visa or mastercard you have 14days from the day you purchase to cancel. i bought my on 6/23/14 in Mexico. i just call my CC and they said i have 14 to cancel it. which i am still within that 14 days, so they cancel my membership.

        • kimberly

          This 5 days window is only for Mexico not for Punta Cana. They said DR don’t have any law, and will not refund.

          Can you send me the link for the 14 days cancelation for cc?

          Thanks for all the help.

          • Nicole

            I bought my membership with a friend and we both called our CC company to cancel at the same time. 2 days after we paid. She is getting her money back and I have yet to hear back from my bank. Can someone please let me know where to find the 5 day of profeco so I can help my bank fight this for me? Please help. I paid it all in full. We were are the DR Hard Rock.

          • I don’t believe DR has the Profecto…

  • Daisy

    My family and I are currently vacationing at the HRH Riviera Maya. This is our first family vacay. Being a first time guest- it’s a nice resort, buffets are good, drinks are drinks, rooms are decent and air conditioning is great! We have 2 kids, so we really don’t know what else is going on outside of pools, lobby area, and kids club.
    So I met with the resort credit lady and she invited to me attend this very mentioned membership presentation tomorrow. She “hooked” me to attend so I can get discounted admission to Xcaret Park and free tickets to Dolphin Encounters. So I figured- ok, go, take the kids, since I know one will at least act up during the presentation, and leave. With a family of 4- any discount to outside attractions will help! What do you think?

    • donni

      If you are beyond the 5 day window is there ANYTHING that can be done to cancel future payments? Legendary has not sent any information to us despite repeated requests and now on the phone I am finding about all sorts of fees that were not verbally disclosed. I feel like an idiot because there is some info in the fine print. What do you think?

    • lisa

      if you want the discount you go, but make sure you are not buying anything they offer. My sister in law when to this also, they come out with discount ticket. so just make sure don’t get suck into this timeshare like I did…please don’t.

  • Jim

    I’m reading this as I sit in my room at HRRM. Got suckered into the meeting and scheduled to the 90 minute presentation in the morning. What happens if I don’t go? Will there be endless harassment? Thanks for your blog btw. Please reply.

    • lisa

      if you can’t back out the meeting, then go but just make sure you don’t sign any paper. soo much hidden fee that they are not telling you about it. i was there last wk…

  • tony

    Hi James I want to buy a week to punta cana please contact me tonym1971@live.com thank you

  • Luciane

    Hi,,,im from Brazil my inglish is.not só good… But i agree all what You say. i never see this sale systen before legendar give not time for think i not buy because im from bussines área and in any bussines You Will have só a lot of vantagy.Nice your blog it Will help.a lot People not need tô spend all there holidays the resto of life at Hard Rock

  • Steve

    I purchased my legendary membership march of 2014.its been 2 months that I have not payed them .they are looking for my PIN number of my credit card which I refuse to give them .they called me stating they need my PIN number in order to take monthly payments out .at this point I read a lot of horror stories about them and decided to not give my PIN number and loose the 1500 I gave them as a deposit in Mexico .i have told the I’m in financial ruin and bankrupt .they email me stating they want to see my letter from bank that shows I’m bankrupt .i told them in canada the bank has nothing to do with bankrupt issues .dont know if they can sue me or get collection after me in canada .if any one knows if this is possible or not let me know

    • Steve,

      I don’t believe they can do anything even though they are threatening you. They got their $1,500 and you got nothing back. What can they possible argue?


    • Aaron

      it really works the membership and love the hotels sorry for your experience bro…

    • Sharon

      Steve, sorry to hear you are losing the 1500, all I can tell you don’t let stories like the ones above scare you. One they will not sue you… Nothing happens the contract is canceled. What I would worry is that if in 3 months you dont pay the monthly fee you loose all the benefits and the money and if you just left 1500 as downpayment you probably got something small were you got more than your money back… My suggestion is use it is amazing

  • Ronnie

    Hi james, just have a couple questions? Do I have all the Hard rocks all inclusive? I just have used the RCI and was great but afraid of going to Miami or Vegas Hr and not Being all inclusive since I see is a different fee. Thanks

    • No, only 4 of them is included in this membership. Hard Rock Cancun, Riviera Maya, Punta Cana and Vallarta. Other than that, you can’t use any other hotels for this membership. I assume you bought Legendary Preferred Membership?

  • Gabriel Loock

    Have You notice that your main issue is that You have is not that you get a bad deal? Is just that you have buying remorse? Have you notice that just beause you think is a bad place you are against million people who love it, can we trust in a guy who take all this effort just to expose that himself have no honor or word and talk bad without even try to see if it works? Bad deal? In my oppinion get 4 free weeks + a membership in a place that cost 4-7 us dlls to go it is noy a bad deal at all. This web site is just bullshit from some looser that just like to complain and dedicates his life to confuse and desinform the people, you have the right to like or not a place, but keep it for you, I have own in legendary for over 10 yrs, even before turns in to hard rock, and sombody have to believe to a guy like you that because he have no word cancel an agreement without try? Did you have any problem with the reservations? Did they misinform youin something? Nooooo you just talk about a dick head without honor who work in destroy reputations as a way to live.

    • Gabriel

      I have approved your comment strictly so I can rip into you and completely make you look like an idiot. First of all, I have a right to speak my mind, and just because your not from this country, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand “freedom of speech”. Blogs, websites are for this reason. To INFORM people of our experiences, and make sure people walk on egg shells when it comes to plopping down $10,000-20,000. First, I’d like to call you out, and bet that you are an employee of legendary preferred membership. That I can almost guarantee since your company calls me and my wife everyday about this website. Call Trip Adviser too while your at it, because they have a ton of bad reviews about this “membership”. Oh wait, you won’t because it’s Trip Adviser and you don’t want to piss them off.

      Let me say this to you “Ghost240579@hotmail.com”, First I was lied to about this membership. They told me I could cancel it. Then they told me they would send lawyers after me if I did. (For what, I didn’t even use any weeks, so what if I cancel it?) SCAM! Second, when trying to book a vacation for my friend, they put him into a tiny, old mold infested room in the Hard Rock Rivera Maya. In addition, it was a construction zone there and over 200 people complained and moved hotels. I still didn’t get his money back from that trip because THEY TOLD ME IF I CANCEL I HAVE TO WAIT 6 MONTHS FOR A REFUND. Really, since when? I’ll tell you why, because all they care about is keeping capital to build more hotels. You see, it’s public knowledge that the owner doesn’t like to spend his own money, he likes to spend the money of the legendary members investment for this membership. Wow, interesting. So take working class individuals hard eared money to make you even more rich.

      Third, my room that I was promised, isn’t exactly what I get. When they sold me this garbage, they promised me 1 style room and even showed me exactly what that room would look like. Then I go on their site, the name of the room in my contract doesn’t even exist. Again, I was lied too.

      Fourth, I’m not wasting anymore time on you. Read my review, it is all there. Oh and my main issue isn’t buyers remorse. My main issue this is garbage and if I wasn’t held hostage in that room, I would have been able to do my due diligence and found on Trip Adviser how big of a SCAM this really is. However, nobody held a gun to my head, so yes I got myself into this, now I let the public know to at least research it and not listen to every word the salesman says.

      Lastly, I make this world a better place by helping people think twice. If after they decide to buy, no problem, it may be a good deal for them. It wasn’t for me, and that my friend is called telling my experience.

    • Ramzi

      This guy works for Palace Resorts. Here is proof:


      Just type his email into Facebook search and it takes you straight to his profile:


  • lily

    Hi! I just got back from a vacation at Hard Rock Cancun and went though the same thing. My husband and I fell into signing a contract for $6,000 with a $2,400 down payment. Right after we finished the presentation (4 hrs later) and signing the contract, we went up to the room and realized what we had done. I google for info and read that this membership was a scam. I contacted legendary immediately and spoke to they “lawyer” who advised me that I could not cancelled. I felt sick to my stomach knowing that I had being scammed, I didn’t sleep that night thinking about it. However, I did came across an article stating that we have 5 business day to cancel. The next morning I typed a letter letting them know that we changed our mind and that we wanted to cancel but nobody at the hotel wanted to take that letter. The very next day I went and talk to them and they kept telling me I could not cancel, they even try to offer me something else. I just kept saying no and I let them know about the profeco and the 5 business days. Thank God they let me cancel and even issued me a refund. So just remember, you CAN cancel within the 5 business days.

  • Ronnie

    Yes I did, so far It worked great in a trip to brazil… I will let you know later this month for The hard rocks. Thanks

  • Ronnie

    I come from using my membership from legendary. I have to say that this people do everything they say. Using my match ande celebrity I saved a ton of money since the celebrity was basically free… But I used it with a free week also that they honored.

    I sorry for your experience, mine was amazing because the quality and service from the people is outstanding. I saw that you are selling some of your weeks. I strongly suggest give them a second chance and try it out use the match and celebrity since I read you have not used it. Just a recommendation. Also the suite I got in brasil duringthe world cup was at the Beach park aqua which was unbelievable.

    Thanks for having this site, it was really helpful .. and gl to everyone

    • Kat

      Ronnie, nice I just bought legendary, was hesitant about how good of a deal we got but now I feel a lot more comfortable after reading you used it around the world and with the 4 hard rocks. I have just been to Hard Rock hotel punta cana and have to say the attention plus the food as the beaches of the place are ridiculous… For me it was like dream since I live close to the snow.

      I can wait to use it me and my whole family are so excited to come back soon, the problem we have is to decide where since the 4 destinations have good weather with beach and music hahaha….

  • Susan

    Sorry it did not work for you… We ve been legendary member since 2011 and are very pleased with the hotels and service

  • Legendarymember :)

    I just want to say I have been a member since 2011. I went to england and south america through RCI…. before I use to think it didnt work RCI with another TS I had, I took a risk in doing a trade in with legendary and results were just fabulous since the other one i bought in Tennesse didnt work so well to go to the high demanded places like orlando and hawaii.

    About the all inclusive… Its just plain fantastic… Gorgeous places and the best service I have received in my life…:)

  • John

    All I can tell anyone who reads this website is please check trip advisor it has comments on legendary and the hotels… to be honest they are incredibly positive… and trip advisor is a lot more credible than this James Bornadiess…

    • John,

      Go ahead, you will see both good reviews and bad reviews from people just like my site. Oh, and Trip Advisor is not a person to be credible, it is a platform, just like this blog post. Guess how people post on Trip Advisor? Someone posts their “experiences” just like I did and other people comment on those experiences. Just like my site.

  • Bobby c

    Jd, I also bought a 29000 memberhsip, i am using my free weeks and been pampered at riviera maya right now. I got 35 in The world and 15 mp… They are not perfect but I can tell you I am very satisfied, that I would recommend legendary to anyone outthere, I heard they are expanding to Cabo and cant wait to know an all inclusive so close to california… Many are going to be vacationing there specially americans from the west coast.

    Spend quality time with the people you love, legendary helps to the that, I am glad someone else and others have the same experience. Sorry about those who have a bad experience the only thing i can say is that they probably didnt use it and at the end they will be paying the same amount or a lot more money for less quality…best wishes

    • You ever ask what the $29,000 actually bought you?

      • Bobby c

        I did not ask you with all due respect James. Trust I know what I bought.. Gl selling your weeks I can see you will sell them quick 🙂

        • Lol, you asked Google who brought you here…so in essence, you did ask. Enjoy my opinion buddy

  • Tin


    Thanks for your blog!
    My husband and I also signed for the contract back in mar 2013 and agreed to pay almost 16k for 30 WW, 12 match week and 12 celebrity week along with 3 free weeks. And get $4470 resort credits. We put down a $5400 deposit and have been making payments of $220 since May 2013 until I saw your blog two weeks ago. We regret buying it because like someone who posted before had said that during the presentation they didn’t mention in order to deposit weeks into RCI actually cost $550 a week or $1050 for two weeks and on top of that RCI still needs to charge you weekly fee for the hotel which we knew from the get go. ( shame on us for not reading the contract thoroughly) Anyways, I called the 1800 number and requested of a downgrade of my plan, the lady was very helpful and offer a new plan which is 20 WW 10 match week and 10 celerity weeks with one free week anytime and resort credit of $8900 for 20 years. But the catch is that we have to pay $300 of what they call a “unique” fee. ( I asked if that could be lower and she said no) So I will say we have paid $5400 + 3500( for the past 16 months that we have made payments of) and now we owe them another $950 then we don’t have to pay anymore. So we are able to save around $6000 thank god to your post. But I have got to say, where we went was the hard rock at DR where we signed the contract wasn’t too bad ( we were there for one day only) at least places we ate weren’t too bad and service were good and people were friendly. I agree that legendary club might work for some people and , might not for others. I also think that based on the price they gave me at the sales presentation wasn’t the best deal ever now that I’m seeing what others get on with their plan on this blog ( I guess We should have negotiated a little bit) but i surly am glad that we are able to downgrade and hopefully this can educate others who want to downgrade their plans as well.

    Thanks again James!
    Good luck!


    • Chales

      I finish reading all the comments, my question to the last comment for tin if he reads this, did he still get the 3 free weeks for the 8900, why do I ask, because I saw both deals 17k and the 8900 but with 1 week free and the 17k with 3 free weeks with like said a lot more product. For us it was an easy decision since we wanted the free weeks and the celebritites were practically 12 more free weeks everytime we come in August.

      I really have to write my experience here because the CLUB LEGENDARY has done an amazing job with my membership apart from the beautiful places we have all inclusive and the hotels around the world through RCI. I can tell you by experience that I stayed in orlando, cancun, london, miami and other places having good satisfaction. The only thing I suggest is that you use the RCI through the web it works better than with the phone. In legenday I have never had a problem with the reservations, even though they ask 90 days sometimes they have done it sooner ina short notice.

      If you like to travel, buy LEGENDARY, if you don’t travel dont. The quality, the membership and the services are just the best thing I have seen, again if you will travel at least once more in your life and you dont burn your bags.

      In my next visit I would like to get the presidential, the suites are just out of the charts.
      Good luck to all, hope this helps to anyone…

  • Annie

    We got out of our contract but it can only be done in the first 5 DAYS.

    The law in Mexico is that they have to provide a cooling off period for timeshares and vacation clubs that are like timeshares (which this is).

    I am glad people are happy with their memberships but immediately after we signed we knew we made a mistake because we are not the type to go to the same place over and over again and with the cost of the extra child–it was not economical. There is no cancelation term in the contract–so if it doesn’t say you can’t cancel, then chances are you can. If you (or I) ever sign a contract like this again I would ask what the cancelation terms are and have them written in if none.

    This is what you must do:
    1. Call the company and express that you would like to cancel. Be polite and professional. Get the person’s name and title and note the date so you can give to your credit card company and put it in your cancellation letter.
    2. Write a letter to them canceling your membership and send it via email within 5 DAYS and email them again to confirm they received it AND certified mail –just to be sure.
    3. Call your credit card company immediately and dispute the charge.
    4. File a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency in Mexico who were really great and helpful (here is a good site with info http://www.profeco.gob.mx/revista/publicaciones/otas_pub_06/timeshares_abr06.pdf ). You will have to submit a complain in writing with copies of the contact etc. Make sure you do all of this in the time they tell you. You will also have to write it in Spanish and English (I just used google translate).

    This whole process to about 6 months to resolve but in the meantime my credit card company froze the downpayment charge until the dispute was complete (Legendary just didn’t respond to them). If you do all these things then you should get a refund because the law (put in place to protect Mexico’s reputation to international consumers) is in your favor.

    I don’t have anything against Hard Rock and like the hotels but Legendary should have a cancelation clause and not make people panic and up all night looking for information on the internet. I would consider a vacation club membership in the future but after much thought and research.
    Good Luck.

    • Annie,

      Amazing…thank you for such great information! This will help a lot of people!!


  • Mark

    I too went to the HR Cancun presentation and they had me there for 5+hrs. We eventually gave in and realized most of the items they had promised were not at all true. They lied lied lied. I got home and immediately realized that they scammed me so I emailed them of the cancellation. I went to the profeco website and saw the 5 day rescission period. After contacting via email I did not get a response from them but I did get a phone call even though I specifically asked for just email communication since my phone calls were going to VM(out of the country, they knew that). They ignored all future emails so I went down to cancel in person since I knew that they were trying to buy time for the 5 day period. when I went down to the HR they acted like they had tried to contact us and said our hotel said we checked out,lies lies. Again they tried to sell another package and I said NO. They at first said there was no cancellations and there wasn’t any in the paperwork I signed. They finally agreed to the cancellation but said there was a 20% tax and cancellation fee. I called BS. I demanded a full refund and was ready to walk away (you can also cancel with sending a certified letter from the post office to the names and addresses on the contract, read the profeco flyer). At this point they stated that I would get a refund for the full amount(it took another 2 hours of heated exchanges) and I just received it.
    They are scam artist. They are hot and cold. Chameleons. They are your best friends then your worst enemies. ALL of them laimed they had no idea what PROFECO was. They also said I could not cancel because there were no cancellation clauses in the contract. BS. The 5 days are critical.

  • Robert

    How much money did you get to write this bad review James???? hahahaha…… I can definetly see that you put in too much effort to discredit this company. Anyone that reads all the good and bad comments can see it, since you just focus on the negative comments even thou there are some real good ones. Good luck but educate yourself a Little bit more and have a Little more ethics.

    • ya, robert, I got paid nothing…

      You are correct, people should educate themselves and read other reviews…

      This is just 1 person who had a bad experience but it’s fair to say that I have the freedom to share it…

  • Marcelo Sagredo

    i am interested into buying one week at Hard Rock Riviera Maya. 2 Adults + 2 Children (7&3yrs) for January 2015….

  • Linda

    My husband and I got suckered in too at the Riviera Maya resort. Came home a few days later, tried to get ahold of them to cancel and of course could never get ahold of them. I’m sure they know they 5 day law so they wait to get back to you until then. I paid 3500 for down payment. They offered me a downgrade of 6K for 5 weeks. I refused it. Just a month ago they offered me one legendary week for the money i had already put down, but I also need to pay a $300 “downgrade” fee. Should I just suck it up and do that so my $3500 isnt a complete loss??

  • Ricardo

    Hi James I want to buy a week to Can cun / Riviera Maya please contact me rpareja78@hotmail.com thank you

  • Bill

    My wife and I are in day 2 of 5 at HRPC. We got a great deal through afvclub.com, which is primarily for active duty, retired service members and their friends. Last night when we met with our “personal resort representative” she saw what we paid for our 5 nights and immediately shifted from pushing the Legendary presentation to just answering a few basic questions and moving on to other folks with greater purchase potential. My take on the resort credits is they are a bit of a rip off. We could use $30 each of our $400 credits to pay $6 each for a round of miniature golf. BFD. Resort credits should never justify your enduring a presentation of buying weeks. Any way I felt your blog is right on James. Thank you. The food here is average. The rooms are nice but not exceptional. And although the ocean setting is wonderful, why would anyone sign a Legendary contract costing tens of thousands of dollars when there are plenty of good deals available online and using weeks from disgruntled Legendary members. Hopefully more folks will read your blog before rather than after they sign Legendary contracts. I’m afraid my wife and I may never know the joy of being able to use the VIP Legendary pool and beach areas )-:.

  • James,I already paid Legendary Preferred for Hard Rock Cancun, acquired 45 world weeks and 10 Match Plays by paying the legendary all inclusive collection And 8900 resorts credits.. does this mean when I use any of the resorts I also have to pay the all inclusive collection rates? Must one deposit the week with RCI? Purchased in 9/2012, but have not used membership..wish I had read your comments sooner

  • Laura

    My husband and I visited HR PC in July 2012. We attended the presentation because we were having a fabulous time at the resort, but we wanted access to the members pool and beach area. I kept complaining to the sales person that they were taking away my vacation time during the entire presentation. Originally, they started out with the package at $70,000 and then it went down to $20,000 and after we had been there for about an hour my husband finally said what does $2,000 get you and they said nothing! And at that point they realized that they better start talking realistically to us or we were going to bolt. We got a package for $5,000 and I think we got the best deal. We got 16 RCI world use weeks, 8 legendary weeks and 8 match-play weeks. Plus, we got an additional 16 days at any of the resorts because we like to take 3 or 4 day long weekends as opposed to 7 day trips. We also banked 3000 resort credits for when we use our free weeks. So far, we have gone back to HR PC once and we just used our free week at HR Vallarta last month. We always get treated well. Bottom line, be realistic about what you can afford and how much vacations actually mean to you. Do the math! We work hard for our money like everyone else and we weren’t going to invest in any more than we thought the vacations were actually worth. We don’t feel like we got scammed. I read contracts for a living and everything they offered was exactly what our contract stated and what we’ve experienced using the membership. We left the sales office in under 2 hours and immediately had our wristbands changed to members and we were having drinks by the members pool by lunch time. Just know that the RCI world use weeks are useless because you have to bank a week and then also pay an additional pricey conversion fee. However, having access to all of the RCI properties as a member is great! We have used our RCI membership to stay at the Wyndham Grand Desert in Las Vegas twice for $359 for seven nights in a one-bedroom condo and we plan to use RCI for future trips as well. I’m sorry everyone feels like Legendary is a scam. Our experience has been nothing but favorable.

    • Essie

      What do you mean by RCI points conversion cost? How does it work to covert WW weeks to be used tbrough RCI?

  • Waley

    So now you are e salesman trying to sell your weeks at a profit. Wow. You learned a lot for them lol. Why not sell them at $50o for the one week only ??

    • Hi Waley. Thanks for the comment. Never actually did even though people would love to buy them rather than spend the actual price. However, I chose against it…maybe I’ll remove that part.

  • G & J Eltrich

    All I can say… We LOVE the hard rock and Punta Cana!!! The food is what it is… Not bad, but not 5 star. The service is phenomenal!!! They trip over themselves to help us, and our rooms are immaculate everyday! Yes, we are Hall of Fame rock star legendary members, I don’t know if that makes a difference… We upgraded last year. We absolutely look forward to every minute we spend their. We have been members for about 5 years and just upgraded to Hall of Fame last year… Complete with Butler Service! The resort itself is kept very clean and everybody walks around with a smile. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but our experience is completely different. Just wanted to mention it…

    • Laura

      So, what is the cost to upgrade to HOF Rock Star level? We have been Legendary members for 5 years and are thinking about possibly upgrading next time, but have no idea $$$$ we are facing.

  • Sandra

    Hi, I am looking to RENT a week (or two) at HR Riviera Maya (on the family side). Anyone interested in renting out a couple of weeks?

  • Jeremy Hackworth

    I disagree it is a scam.

    After going to Hard Rock Puerto Vallarta twice, and realizing we wanted to come back many time…we looked into the vacation club. I think I got an okay deal so we were pleased. We will now get to check out all the other Legendary resorts available for a great discount, maybe even free if we use the earned free weeks.

    IF YOU DO listen to the spill…I have some suggestions.

    Be very up front with them.

    Give them some of YOUR DEMANDS on your time. For example, go in the vacation club place early in your vacation. They often tell you NOT to schedule anything so they don’t have to rush. Be polite. When setting up the scheduled presentation, ask them how long the presentation is going to take. Then tell them you ARE going to make a plan for something exactly at the time they say it will take. Tell them you are doing this for the exact reason they don’t want you to do this…because you want them to be honest about the time. If they argue, be polite and ask again..”how long will it take?” Make it clear that you WILL BE LEAVING at the time that THEY PICKED – even if it is mid sentence.

    Also tell them that you – with a guaranteed 100% – will not be purchasing on that day that you listen to the presentation. (I told them only a fool would spend that much money on a whim in 90 minutes…they didn’t like that). Tell them they need to give you the absolute best deal they can, and you will sit on that deal for the rest of your vacation so you can ponder and study.

    Tell them that if they try and contact you or do anything like that for you the rest of YOUR vacation, you ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT purchase, and you will do all in your power to spread how they can not keep their word, etc. Then tell them on the day before your vacation ends, you will come in with a decision. Tell them you do not want to haggle, or discuss. Again, if they proceed to haggle, you will absolutely NOT do it, and you will do all in your power to spread the word about how they cannot be trusted.

    I think if you do this…and you work with one good salesman, you will get a good, short presentation. You will get a good deal offered, and you won’t be stressed and pressured. This is almost exactly what we did, and we ended up buying it. I’m happy with it so far.

    AND it turns out, the Avett Bros are going to play a concert at HR Punta Cana in Feb 2017. We are there for sure!

  • Michel

    Hi, i was just at Heaven in Riviera Maya. It was OK, not the best resort i have ever been to, but not bad either.
    I went through the presentation and was tempted on buying the membership, but ended up declining it.
    I am interested in purchasing one of your weeks in case you are selling. How can we speak about it? My email is michelcaspary@gmail.com

  • Barbara

    BEWARE!! NOTHING BUT TROUBLE! Terrible experience of membership. Try to solve a problem and there is NO ONE willing to help – no integrity.

  • Jimmy Hechis

    Dude this is a big fat scamm, they build their New hotels whit the money of the people, moré than 1700 rooms weekly, they sell at least 2000 packages (month)at moré than 5000 down payment, thats moré than 100.000.000 $ a year payed in advanced and if You inform yourself You can get a similar price as You Pay been ” legendary” scammed. Also the food is very regular as James said and this sales is always made in places where the law is so poor that its very dificult for You ro win a trial. Also they have very very good sellers but they will go down, dirty Way of get money always goes down.

  • Jane

    Anyone have a presidential week at aventura?

  • FMerc

    Hi James,
    A big thank you for sharing your experience with others who have also fallen for the marketing gimmick. It seemed like a great idea when we signed up. “You’re just paying for your future vacations” is what caught us. But a few months in, we realized our mistake of how we were limited to 3 resorts. Very glad to have come across your blog and found out about the downgrade option.
    In your experience what’s the best offer we could get for our package?
    3 free weeks
    20 world use weeks
    7 preferred weeks
    2 RCI weeks @ $199

    Amount paid:
    $4,800 + $1,050(administration fee)=~$6,000

    Once again thanks for sharing your experience!!

  • Patrick

    Sorry you and others had bad experiences. I have been to Cancun Palace for the first time around 2011 and then bought into both Palace as well as legendary memberships. Initially started with Palace Premier and went up to Diamond and Same with Legendary. All the way to Hall of Fame. Combined paid almost 200k for borh memberships. Me and family absolutely love these places. We come here only to relax as we always have other trips we plan during summer. Never encountered any issues and people go out of their way to help. Granted HR PC is the bottom of the list in terms of service as well as food. But the beaches are gorgeous and having these memberships enhances the experience. The worst timeshares I bought are in the US. One in Orlando and another in Masnuttee. Absolute crap. Guess I have to fake a sale to a fake person the get out of those to stop yearly maintenance.

  • Jp Duvigneau

    I’m interested how do I contact you?

  • Lupis

    Is any membership owner from Mexico around here? I have an issue about a change in Legendary Preferred destinatios banks and accounts that i would like to discuss.

  • Amanda L Brewer

    Hello, Do you still have any weeks available for rent?
    Thank you!

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