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Job Killing Review – The Truth

I write this review as probably one of the most emotional reviews I’ll ever write, mainly because I used to be a job killer.

My story is in the video, plus more. 

Ultimately, my goal here is to help you make a decision either way, share the facts and share my opinions.

However, watch this video first, it’s important.

I am currently at $11,000/Month part time after picking JK back up a few months ago.

This is real, not some bullshit MLM, Internet marketing product, ebook or anything else you or I have ever bought.

Is it illegal to Sell Leads to Local Businesses?

This question has never been raised until about 45 days ago. Since this coaching has gotten so much praise around the community as well as all over the country it is common to have internet Trolls trying to capture their “review” traffic to siphon them off to another opportunity.

Folks, there is a troll and he is creating doubt in the process that is taught inside the community.

So, lets put to rest exactly what this Troll is saying in EVERY SINGLE one of his videos.

“JK is a scam because it is illegal to sell leads without a license”

So lets cut to the chase without all the garbage legal talk.

Do you honestly believe that the following websites have Licenses in EVERY STATE and EVERY type of business?

  1. Home Advisor
  2. Yellow Pages
  3. The Blue Book
  4. Patch
  5. Angie’s List

I can go on and on about how many different HUGE referral sites are out there. The quick answer is, you do not have to have a license to sell leads. It is that simple. If you have a “Terms of Service” in your websites, which is taught in JK, then within that Terms of Service, you say you are selling leads to a Company. It is simple.

All I ask is you please disregard the Internet Trolls. Having a Bad review is normal, but Trolls go deeper than just reviewing a product. They hit you personally, and for that, you shouldn’t pay any attention to people like that.

Watch Job Killing in Action

If not, my story and the initial job killing review is below.

The Story of me being a Job Killer Member:

I used to be a member of the Job Killers, and made a shit load of money with their process, and even though I parted ways, I still receive money from work I did over 2 years ago all because of being a job killer.

During my stint with these guys, my “financial” future was looking bright as hell.

I was making a good $2,000-$3,000 a month promoting JK, another $10,000 a month with client retainers plus my $120,000/year job plus all my real estate rentals.

All in all, well over $300K in total revenue for 2014.

What could go wrong?

How could I have make moves to sabotage this type of lifestyle?

The day of the paradigm shift

There was a new affiliate for the Job Killers in town and his shit was ranking like crazy.

Every keyword I ranked for, he ranked above me. (still does) (friend of mine to be honest)

What started to happen was my leads became his leads and the confusion between who was really sending leads to Dan (JobK.) was confusing.

The solution was simple, we both looked in our aweber account and if the new member was in mine and his, then the commission was split.

Now, to most, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to me it was a huge deal.

Let me explain.

I had leads coming in to this blog daily, and for some reason had a hidden urge to be on the other side of this process, the coaching side.

Somewhere within 48 hours of  leads being split, I made a decision to go off and do this on my own.

The upside would be, I already have leads coming in daily, I can push those leads to my own course, maybe.

I can be the maker of my own business, the one who was always thanked on my own private FB group, the one to change lives and make a shit load of money.

Especially since I knew the JK model works, and works so damn well!

Unlike most, I am the person who takes action.

Major major action.

The race was on, the course is to be created.

Like Brad Campbell (co-creator of JK) , I was in my own dungeon, slaying dragons but this time it was for me and nobody else.

In a month, I created my low ticket 6 module Local Lead Generation Course.

My thoughts, ah such stupid thoughts.

People come to my blog, I send them to JobKilling, and if they don’t join, I hit them was my own course.

Win win?

N o t    e x a c t l y!

Confusion set in, people not only see my course, then confuse my course with the Job Killers course and complain after an hour on the phone with the JKer’s sales team when they say their price.

Imagine being on the phone thinking they are signing up to my $197 course, and when they drop the Killer’s price the customer says wait I thought it was $197???

Man, my apologies go along way, not only to Dan and Brad but to Hal as well!

That lasted a month before they kicked my ass out. Argh, actually hurt to be honest. 

Rightfully so…it was stupid, and made me look unappreciative to these guys.

The guys that taught me to build a $120,000/Year + business.

To make matters worse, some of my sales stuff was kind of “bashing” their course price.

It wasn’t meant to do so, but it kind of still did….

Again, stupid….

To top it off, my course, my training’s were just not as good as Job Killers.

As much as that stings, because I am competitive by nature, Job Killers just have a special coaching program going and I couldn’t top it.

As hard as I tried, as many people as I brought into my own coaching, the success stories just were not coming. 

In Job Killing, these at least have 5-10 people A DAY, posting pictures of checks, cash and new deals. 

My course, once in a blue moon.

So of course, I had to shift gears. 

Life After Job Killing

What could I do?

I honestly believed in my heart, them kicking me out was the right move, and to this day it makes me sick on how I handled this whole thing.

I considered Dan & Brad as good business friends, and even recently we connected so I know they still think of me that way as well.

I almost feel, 2 years later, as if I let them down.


What I learned over the past year was worth the price of every decision I made.

First, I realized teaching is not easy.

They warned me about this when I told them I was going to create my own course.

It is filled with people who honestly don’t have any business being in business.

Hence why Job Killing is an INVESTMENT not just couple dollars to join.

They want like minded, balls to wall, 10X lifers to join them.

Not $197 tire kickers who ask for refunds.

Sorry, but that is the damn truth.

Second, running your own course is time consuming.

I honestly just didn’t have time to feed into the excuses people gave, or even the complaints they would post.

Due the time of running my own course with my partner, I lost all my SEO clients except one small monthly client.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Third, the $15,000 I made from my course wasn’t worth the relationships I almost lost, as well as the the $10K a month business I had.

Read that line above again….and then pass me a bucket!

Fourth, maybe it was shiny objects that got the best of me?

IDK but instead of honing into my already 6 figure Job Killing business and doubling/tripling it, I went for the home run and struck out immensely.

Not just a strike out but one of those complete whiffs, where I landed on my ass because the bat was to heavy to hold as it spun to my backside.

Imagine a 6 figure business traded for a measly $15K split in half.

Pass that bucket please….

July 2015 was a bad month for me.

Normally, July is a 10% of my salary, so it’s a 5 figure month for me minimum.

However, in 2015 they cut that month from the budget, and I was left with no clients, no J.O.B income and we basically closed our course months prior.

The wife and son were gone for 3.5 weeks visiting family, so I was left with a beaten ego.

Beaten, bloody and abused ego with no shoulder to lean on.

WTF happened?

Seriously, how could so many decisions I thought were right, be so damn wrong?

Getting to the point so bare with me….

How could I have given up what I had in the palm of my hand?

Weird eh?

Or downright STUPID?

July 2015 I picked myself up and decided to make a damn decision.

All my clients were gone, I couldn’t just pick up where I left off, or at least I thought I couldn’t so I made a choice I only new how to make.

Chase the fastest, shiniest object around.


I won’t go into my ecomm business because in the end this is not about that.

My ecomm business saved my ass, and we did, to this day about $690,000 in 8 months. (add about $40,000 a month to those numbers)

30% profit split in half. Not a bad part time income. ($103,500)

Although, ecomm has been good to me, I would trade that success to still be where I was prior to creating my course.

I would trade it in a heartbeat.

Many have asked me why, why would I trade my ecomm success to be back in JK, and be back to Local Lead Gen?

It’s a simple 2 Part answer.

  1. Comradery – spirit of friendship and community in a group.
  2. Sustainability – Job Killers teach a method that will last forever.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely road, and when you find a group of people to spend “online” time with, I highly suggest you hold on and never let go.

We all yearn for success and always want more than we have, but without a community of like-minded people, you are treading lonely waters.

Most people won’t make it in their online business venture, and most don’t want to hear this, but 100% of the time it is their fault.

If I could steer you into the “correct direction” and you have scheduled a call, get on it and say YES.

Look, at the end of the day, JK could cost $10,000 and still easily be worth that price. (Doesn’t cost that much, now)

Not because of what they teach..

Lets face the facts, what they teach isn’t rocket science, it’s a formula, that can be followed by anyone.

It’s Simple local seo tactics any monkey brain can do, and if you don’t smile at that statement and get excited, then maybe you should go buy the shitty programs.

The Comradery and Sustainability is what you are paying for….

My ecomm business was monsterous:



But it was missing the comradery and sustainability.

Two huge aspects to a long term business.

That picture above isn’t sustainable.

However, what Job Killing teaches is.

make money online

I was playing poker a few weeks ago in May 2016 and I got talking with an Electrician.

If you remember I told you I lost almost all of my clients I had from what I learned in Job Killing.

What I didn’t realize was, shit all I have to do is use my knowledge which didn’t just disappeared  just because I got sidetracked, to go out and get clients.

It started with him above. $1,500 for a website I build myself using weebly.

This guy sparked me back into what the Job Killers taught me.

He also agreed to $697/Month to keep him ranking in search engines.

Now I am on a rampage to build my JK business back up. So…

…get on a call with them, listen to them, pay the fee and put your blinders on.

I think they will break the cost out up to 6-18 Months I believe.

Learn from other’s mistakes, and when you get in, hold on to it and never let it go.

What they teach is valuable, however their community doesn’t have a price tag.

You just can’t duplicate it.

By the end of this you shouldn’t even care what they are teaching…

Helping businesses generate more business is how I always tell people.

You do that by digital marketing.

Ranking business in the search engines, which is downright easy based on the amount of cities, zips and businesses out there.

I mean does that change your decision to join?

..does that make your tinkle tickle?

Ab-so-lutely NOT

The fact is you will join for 1 reason and 1 reason only.

Outside of the potential money and cool perks…


Do you like Dan and Brad?

Did you connect with anyone else?

If you answered yes to either one of those, I can bet my bottom 80% of those people will join.

The other 20% will be back…I might be back…hell I am back!

Emotional connections fuel our decisions.

Rightfully so…

Connect on a higher level with these guys, and get in and get that money.

In the end, if you do just that:


Get into Job Killing

Work Hard

Never Look Back

Want to see my #1 System that Made me well over $170,000 Part time in 2016  

Here are some of my most recent results with this exact system:

Paypal Account 1 – $4,634.00


Chase Account – $6,980.80


Paypal Account 2 – $3,348.00


CLICK Here to see EXACTLY What I do to earn money like this…

Don’t forget:




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  • Guys I urge you to leave comments below. Did you like the post? Do you have a question about the model? etc…

  • Erv Mullek

    Wow! James! That was a heartfelt post. I can totally empathize with the emotions presented. I thought that I was the only person on the planet that had the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    I’ve lost nearly everything that has taken decades to build. No one to blame except for myself. It’s a horrible feeling. But our focus in life can’t be in the past. Hope doesn’t reside in the past or even the present. It only resides in the future.

    After a period of morning, I know it’s time to move on. So I’ve been looking for some type of small business to start. I saw the pitch for Job Killers, but I’m hesitant. There are so many scams. I’ve fallen for quite a few over the decades, and I’m not eager to repeat the process at this stage of my life.

    I’d almost made up my mind not to follow up with this plan, but your posting is giving me a pause for thought.

    I want to close by complimenting you. Do you know how rare it is nowadays to find someone who will admit they made a mistake in life? Or to find someone willing to expose a vulnerability? I’m not saying that I admire people who are masochistic; I’m saying I admire people who are intellectually honest and willing to share those thoughts with others. Well done, sir…..

    • Erv – appreciate the comment. Life is about learning, and I learn everyday. JK is not a Scam at all, and being I get no “reward” to say that, I hope you make a move knowing that. (either way) The worst you can do is fall victim to indecision. No matter the path, take one, where it leads you is the fun part. 😉

  • Crystal

    Great article and very unbiased. Appreciate the candidness. So it appears it is pretty expensive and they accept monthly payments, but could you possibly give me an idea on how much this program is? I don’t want to schedule a call and want to join without around how much I need. Thanks!

    • Hi Crystal
      Thank you so much. I really don’t know the cost. I think they have payments that run about $600 a month or so. Seems like a lot but to be honest, what they teach is worth every penny if you are an action taker. Cool think is while playing poker, I made $1,500 and $697 a month for services based on what I learned in JK. (just through meeting people) Good knowledge to have…

      • Crystal

        I could manage that.. thank you very much!

        • Don’t quote me on that, but all you can do is schedule a call and usually they will help you out if you have a monthly budget. Tell em I said hi. lol

  • frank

    hey I liked your JK review,
    Local lead gen is my fav Will JK work for a local Hockey coach?
    He’s my client and is paying 300/mo

  • Bill

    Thank you for the post. Out of curiosity, why would you lose all of your business by leaving the group? Are they the keepers of your clients and sites?

    Why can’t you take the knowledge you’ve learned and apply it for yourself? If it’s so easy..

    Also, it seems a little odd that you wouldn’t know how much the program costs since you were in it.

    Sorry if I come off as being rude, but I came here to be less skeptical and I’m still just as skeptical.

    I don’t feel like I learned anything more than I have from the other affiliates other than you got kicked out and are still promoting them the same way.

    I understand you probably don’t want this on your site, but if you could email me with an honest answer it would go a long ways.

    Thank you for your time and again, sorry for being so blunt. I can’t help it!

    • Hi Bill

      I am transparent on my site, so this comment is fine. I built my own course, spent so much time with that, I didn’t have time for my clients. Hence, lost them because of not putting enough time and effort into them. I don’t know how much the program is because I was in 2 years ago. The price is way higher now that so many people have had so much success. Demand for them is high, so simple law of supply and demand. Not promoting them in a monetary way. Promoting them to people who are looking for them…it’s different.


    i’m going to have to call BULLSHIT on this one. Not MLM my assets!

    • Marco, can you clarify? JK is not an MLM at all. 2300 members dude, all came in on their own and their success has nothing to do with anyone but themselves.

    • Osman Quddus

      As a heads up, I have nothing to do with JB or James. Just noticed how you came across so abruptly… and incorrectly for that matter. JB has nothing to do with MLM. Either you have understood it incorrectly, understood MLM incorrctly, or both. Either way, your approach needs to be worked on brother. Say it nicely.

  • Thomas Arillotta

    I’ve already “verified” my request for an email from you at least 10 times in a row. Just send me the info, please.

    • The information was on the next page after you opted in. Not sure what else you are waiting for?

  • Earl West

    Curious about Jobkiller,

    So this is just basic math? If I understand this I capture leads for a business, I offer these leads to company A and if the guy in company A tells me to get lost I then offer the leads to the next company until they go with the idea?

    How is my capture page not in direct competition with the company? Do you get what I mean? So my capture page would be super generic or super specific or what?

    So you have a master list that says ‘The average lead for business X is such and such a number but the average lead for a different business Y is such and such a different number?

    How do you know it’s not like GlennGary GlennRoss where all of the leads are bogus?



    • Hey Earl.

      Good question. I choose businesses not on the first 3-5 pages of google so I know they need my help. I then filter my leads over to them for free for a week and let them wet their beak a little and that is how they know I’m for real. Closing them after that is just as easy as a conversation. Not many people would say no to an already proven result. That is more leads/more business/more money. Hope this helps! You can apply here if you still interested.

  • charles


    Great post. I want to jump in. Thinking rehab is a good one to be in right now and clean up on. I have spent a year in this type of system and built up a full time income in the pool construction niche. I want to take this to the 50/100k per month mark and it seems JK have some hidden secrets that i fear not paying to learn will cost me dearly. I had a call a year ago and was on the fence as you can understand with these ‘coaching programmes’ But i want to get in 100% now. Any ideas rough ball park on monthly fees? Thanks again.

    • Hey Charles

      Sorry was traveling so had crazy bad internet while in Eastern Europe. haha Anyway, no monthlys if you pay in full. Not 100% sure the exact price to be honest. Schedule a call HERE if you already haven’t and talk to them. They great guys. It’s def not cheap though. However, expensive to one might not be expensive to another.

  • Spencer Baumruk

    Hey James. I think it’s safe to assume you are being paid to promote Job Killing, which is totally fine! I really do like hearing about positive experiences with them, but I have a question about why their class / community offers a better ROI then say, me going on my own to learn SEO to rank front page and then to apply the same business model?


    • Hi Spencer,

      Just believe in promoting what actually works my man. Simple. I believe in community, and being around people with the same goals and dreams. Believe me, I have gone at this alone, and it’s damn lonely with nobody to keep you accountable. Lastly, not sure where else you can go to learn these skills. I guess you could google, how to rank #1 on google, but you know just as much as I do, whatever you find will be pushing you in a million directions. That is why you need a step by step course with a community to help you when you get stuck. To me, the ROI is unmeasurable.

  • Ralph R Bargabos

    What are you offering??

    • Rikki

      Hey, I just saw that the one and only Grant Cardone just had a FB Live Stream inside Job Killing. I guess I would ask why you think one of the premiere best selling business coaches and authors of today would associate themselves with Dan Klein and Job Killing if this was such a Scam as you reported. Usually people on the same level as GRANT CARDONE don’t want their reputation damaged. So what this tells me is that you are wrong and Job Killing is doing everything right. Good Luck! You are going to need it.

      • Hi Rikki

        I don’t think Ralph was saying it was a scam. Looks like he was just asking a very generic question. lol

  • phil winters

    Hi there, I appreciate the info youve provided. I am waiting for a call from JK and im actually looking around right now trying to find out how much they are going to ask me for before i spend time with them on the phone. im not a tire kicker i just have curiosity. thanks

    • It’s costs money, nothing crazy, but they have payment plans. IDK the exact man…but figure few thousand I’d say unless you take the payment plan. Then monthly is obviously less expensive.

  • Monica Mata

    Hiii! I’ve been looking at JK reviews and information online for about 4 days already and I am very interested. I work full time and go to college and have a lot of bills to pay so I don’t have much money left by the end of the month. I’m scared I’ll get involved and fail. I’m a very shy person and I feel that if I start in Job Killing, most businesses won’t take me serious as a 22 year old. I’m afraid to make changes and not be fit for JK. Can you please give me an idea of how you started, starting with the first phone call you received and what they explained to you… How does the whole coaching work? By phone, online, in person? About how long does the average starter begin to make their first deal? Do you start getting trained immediately after you schedule the call to join JK? Sorry for all the questions! I’m just trying to get as much information before I make the final decision. Money is the number one reason for hesitating on joining because I don’t want to risk it and be left with no money. Even $600 a month is a lot for me but I’d love to start saving and hopefully be involved. Also, will I get help getting my first deal? Please answer all my questions!!! Thank you so much in advance and sorry again for all the questions.

  • Monica Mata
  • Ravi Patel

    Great Post James! I def have read soo much on JK, and getting close to pulling the plug. I saw your youtube video and left a comment there, but also will leave it here for other people to read. Think you got couple minutes to respond?

    1) I am considering joining job killing but more for supplemental income. Is it possible to do job killing while working the 9-5 ? I can def. do phone calls while at work (by walking away from my desk). I want to be able to make enough money from job killing to pay my monthly expenses ($2000 a month). Would this be attainable? I can devote 10-20 hours a week outside the 9-5 and probably around 2-3 hours a week between 9-5.

    2) You think job killing is still attainable even now ? I know it’s been out for a few years. If so, what do you thikn of NYC or should I focus on the suburbs ?

    • Hi Avi!

      Thanks for your commemt and yes posting here will help others.
      1. I worked JK for years while having a job. That is the point since 100% of the 2,900 people who are active members have/had a job while doing this part time.
      2. JK is 1,000% attainable and sustainable. Matter of fact this is the only online opportunity that will never go away unless small businesses dissapear. Haha new york is a tougher area but break it down to brooklyn or queens and it becomes a lot easier to get faster results. I live 20 min outside nyc and stay within new jersey for small but fast “wins”.

      Good Luck Avi! If you want to schedule a call you can here.

      • Ravi

        Appreciate the feedback. I have a bunch of things going on this week, but I will be scheduling that call as soon as I get back next week!

        Yeah I was thinking to stay in the Long Island / New Jersey / Upstate area. NYC I feel would be ultra-competitive. But then again even if you make it on page 2 of google, you could get same amount of leads as someone on page 1 in Long island.

  • Gary

    Talk about local… I went to Wayne Hills….. we gotta talk…… small world!!!!

  • Matthew


    Very interested in this business model and I’d like to get started ASAP. However I had a concern as far as time obligation. I own an online business myself-I know legitimate money generating business takes time and effort. But honestly, how many hours per week do you dedicate to make this successful? I’m currently active duty Army, so I don’t necessarily have gobs of free time, but I’m willing to make sacrifices where necessary to make this business a success. Thanks in advance for your input! Take care!

  • Daysen

    Hey James!

    First off, i’d like to thank you for pointing me to Job Killing. I look forward to seeing where this takes me.
    I have a call tomorrow and I would like to prepare myself as best I can for it.
    I have tried to explain the process of Job Killing to some family members and help them understand why I would like to go down this path however they have presented a few questions that I have not as yet been able to find the answers to.

    I would like to know how much it costs to join the program and be coached in the lead generating business and how my success would benefit Job Killing as a business. I am trying to figure out how and why this works. Why are the key workers of Job Killing willing to share this knowledge and business with us? What does it do for them?

    Knowing this will really bring ease to my family and myself with explaining the business process. Thanks!!

    • Hi Daysen

      I just saw this, but I think you may be on the call now. I think Simon will be great at answering your questions. I truly hope to see you in there and I am available for any help if needed. It’s life changing if you put in the work.


  • Nick Stango

    Hey, I appreciate this video, I just recently got into Job Killing and was feeling a little overwhelmed with everything I’ve been learning and doing. This video made me realize to just go back and follow the training, and stop trying to do things my way. Thanks James, back to the drawing board.

    • Hi Nick

      NP gotta make sure the horse is in front of the carriage. Don’t go fast in the beginning, just do everything they teach step by step.

  • Kevin

    What are your thoughts on the shutting down of JobKilling and RentSimpleWebsites?

    • Very Simple. A troll has reeked havoc on their “name” in order to sell his own garbage. Plus he has made up lies in order to “scare” people so they join him. There is nothing wrong with having opinions, but this guy literally is lying about their business and then finding other students and going after their name. So, the guys thought it was unfair that students were being “bullied” by this idiot so they have removed their name. The course, and everything is still the same under other names.

  • Dave

    I just went to jobkilling.com website and it’s out of Business i guess this Blog is old

    • Hi Dave. No it’s still alive and well adding new people everyday. They had a Troll that was jealous and obsessed with them so they decided to switch it up…can’t tell ya more since you might be him. haha

  • Jessica

    “Since this coaching has gotten so much praise around the community as well as all over the country it is common to have internet Trolls trying to capture their “review” traffic to siphon them off to another opportunity.”

    OK, I hear you. But aren’t you doing the exact same thing? Posting reviews of other online money making opportunities and siphoning the traffic to another opportunity? Does that make you a troll as well? I am not calling you a troll by any means, I’m just asking. How is what you’re doing different than this troll you speak of?

    • No, because I have bought and gone through almost every single review post I do, or at the very least interviewed someone in the company. Trolls post negative reviews without actually seeing the product. In addition, like this guy, he is not only posting a negative review, he is personally going after their families. So, no I am not doing the same thing. He is a convict, a felon and owes $800,000 in a lawsuit from another company he slandered. Not the same thing….

  • Jay

    Im still in the JK group but my question to you James is What made you go from SEO to ecommerce and then back to SEO? (most people I have seen don’t leave the ecommerce game for SEO)

  • Teresa

    Thanks for the info!

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