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Empower Network Review – Project Titan and Failures in 2016

Name is James Bonadies, and I was a top affiliate for Empower Network, ipas2 or as some would say empire network….and now Project Titan!

Yes, I used the word WAS.

You may be interested in my empower network review or you may just want to know if you can make money with empower network.

Either way, the core reason you are searching is the same core reason why I created this blog.

To help YOU find a better way and make some extra income or Fire Your Boss!

I was into the local lead generation and made a lot of money but not without regret….


I…Turned to this….


difference with shopify and empower network


Life Changing to say the least!

Even though this was life changing for a few months, it was not sustainable.

That is why I ended up going back to what I love.

Empower Network Review – November 1st 2016

Empower Network and it’s eight products have done nothing more than cause controversy.

In my Empower Network Review I will shut down the haters, tell you the great about empower network, explain the bad and make you more comfortable on understanding this soon to be 9 figure company!

Over the last 3 years, Empower Network has done nothing but stay quiet in the internet and MLM industry. What once started out in a hotel room with 50 people has grown to over 300,000. A company that focuses on “Empowering Customers to Make Their Own Money”, and proving that by generating 100 million dollars in commission over 3 years.

Of course, with any company that is successful, there are plenty of naysayers and people always yelling empower network scam. With the number of fraudulent websites out there, I don’t blame em…but let’s do the research to make everyone feel more comfortable.

Empower Network may be a booming business, but, there are many who still don’t know what it is, and that’s the purpose of this Empower Network Review.

Details on its history, how it works, and what it can do for you are included below.

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Empower Network Founders

Before reading the rest of this Empower Network review, you must consider the history of the two founders, which will give some insight on why they started this kind of company. In 2011, David Wood and David Sharpe joined together to create an opportunity. Both had to overcome struggles in their past.

  • David Wood – for several years, he was homeless.  We all know the story…bottom line, he had nothing and built an empire…great for him…but what about us eh! 🙂
  • David Sharpe – Also, overcoming huge obstacles…broke and a drug addict, he helped David Wood build this empire…if it inspires you, great, it did me, but some people just want the meat and potatoes…working on that!

Some may hate David Wood and David Sharpe, and some may love them. To be honest, I wasn’t completely sold on these two guys until recently. I still can’t say they are normal or I would bump fists with them, but I can say they are two of the most crazy salesman in the world.

They built a business upon the very foundations that make the sales industry thrive. “In business, when selling, you need to do these things. Understand your audience, find out their pains and frustrations and provide them with a solution and an irresistible offer on why they should buy your product to solve their pains and frustrations” James Bonadies

History of Empower Network

Empower Network is an online money making opportunity that shows people how to overcome the common issues that get in the way of business success and offers in depth training that most search for on the internet. Empower Network is an affiliate program that focuses on helping individuals find financial success through marketing training, commission based direct sales, multilevel marketing and more. (which are some of the best around)

Empower Network began operations on October 31, 2011 as a small company. By November of 2012, it was paying out millions of dollars to affiliates. The company has become known for two things in addition to its affiliate programs – blogging and training. This Empower Network review will explain each:

Empower Network’s Blogging Formula

The online blogging system allows each user to have their own website set up exactly for them and their small business. Most people don’t find success from their own blog, because they don’t know how to properly optimize it and generate leads that will turn into sales, however this can be done if you choose. Because Empower Network is in control of the blogging system, optimization is made easy but limited. Additionally, lead generation is a part of the system, which means affiliates will be given a head start at building a successful business without having to go through all the mechanics of setting things up.

Empower Network Products

1. Viral Blogging System (ENV2 or Blog Beast): $25/Month An easy to use already setup blog for the extreme newbie. Although I prefer my own blog, I own this product because it’s a great product to sell to someone who needs easy to get off the ground

2. Viral Blogging Academy: One Time Fee of $297  Finally a product that backs the Core product of Empower Network. How to make your blog work and a great 90 action plan. About time and great buy for the price!

3. Inner Circle:  $100/month Downloadable MP3s of great stories, uplifting testimonials and some training mixed in. Great buy, and a great product to sell.

4. High Ticket Academy: One time fee of $497 (price will go up) Something I have been doing since the beginning. Three Webinars packed with how to sell high ticket items. What most people don’t like is that these trainings require making phone calls to close your sales.

5. Internet Traffic Formula: One time $997 Went through all the modules in 1 night. The product is crazy good and started a separate campaign copying his formula. Got a 70% optin rate, and 4 sales…nuff said…product is sick!

6. Costa Rica Intensive: One time $500 Footage of a mastermind in Costa Rica. Some great content and some golden nuggets. However, the footage needs updating which I believe they will be doing soon.

7. $15k Formula: One time $1,000 Best product by far in the back office. A ton of webinar replays packed with the secrets we have all searched for on the internet. I find myself going back to this often. Well worth the price!

8. Masters Course: One time $3,500 High Level advanced training, fully shot in HD. The product is great, but I only recommend this to my students who want to take this to a next level. I also require a phone interview done by myself to make sure you are ready for this commitment.

Empower Network Compensation Plan

The compensation plan has just changed as of June 2014. The change took place in order to motivate the sponsor to help their recruits more. The new plan is every 1,3,5 and every 5th sale is a pass ups.

This new compensation plan enables the sponsor to go out and show the new member exactly how to get their first few sales. It is worth the time and energy for the sponsor because they get the 1st sale passed up to them. Some might say its not that good because a new member should get their first sale.

However, if you look at every MLM out there that is successful, the first sale ALWAYS goes to their sponsor. Matter of fact, in Primerica, the first 3-4 sales goes to the sponsor. That is how people build their organization deeper rather than shallow. It is a great long term strategy for Empower Network.

The Bad

  • I hate the MLM structure about yelling and screaming and talking about changing lives. Although this will change many peoples lives, I am a behind the computer on the phone guy. Not into all the hype.
  • A lot of haters to deal with. When a company is powerful, there will be haters.

The Good

  • Great tools and a lot of “done for you” funnels and squeeze pages that are of the highest quality in the industry. Although I teach my team to do it themselves..much faster success.
  • Obviously the ability to sell across the world. I have people from Australia, India, Spain and here in the US. I love that about the internet.
  • Great leadership, although the Dave’s wouldn’t have been my high school friends. You can’t deny their ability to sell and lead!
  • Lastly, of course their products. They are truly the best around. Ask anyone who has come and gone. They all will still say the products are dope.

Project Titan

Update coming soon…

My Final Thoughts

A lot has changed with empower network. They went from being an all online recruiting company to branching into offline. Their slogan went from 100% commissions to 70% commissions. Everything has changed. This is why I found a new way to make a lot of money online. A new way that has not only changed my life but the lives of business owners around my town.

Thank you for reading my empower network review, and I hope you got some value out of this review.

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  • Chad B.

    James nice review! Honestly i’m a college student looking for ways to make some money on the little bit of time I have because I also play sports for my college. I need to find something that I can do on my own time. Anyways I have heard of empowered network when I was searching craigslist I found so many things exactly like it, so i was skeptical. But I came across your site, (probably because empowered network drove me to you site lol) but I have been looking for a mentor to help me. I just started trying to get into online marketing but it is hard and complicated. Please help me out and share your knowledge with me. If your rap sheet really is what you say it to be, I think you have enough to say that you know what your doing. Thanks


  • Chad, thanks for the kind words. I’m a straight shooter. There are many programs out there, and as you can see I have bought many. (Hence, why I created this website.) I have never seen a program like empower network. Everything you ever have to learn about making money online is in that back office. In addition, if you need a mentor, you need to join an MLM, like empower network, because then your mentor, me lol, will make money when you make money. Some people don’t like that, but it is the only way to find a coach online. Otherwise, you will buy a program, get frustrated and have no one to turn to….top tab “work Together” is where you can find how to work with me….

  • william garza

    Hi, read your article today while I was looking into getting more info on the Empower Network. I am an affiliate and have a website (mediamass206 dot com) and presently work as a freelance designer and am otherwise unemployed, I do feel I will get back to work shortly but want to use this extra time to find out more from people who know alot about the empower network. Would you consider giving me a “lift”? I need to know what would be a direct lock on getting in, which product to jump on and how to move up. If anyway possible I would like to work only with someone who is successful, thanks, Bill G

    • Hi William, nice website by the way…you obviously know what you are doing. I will send you a PM when I get a minute. There are many many bonuses you get from joining with me included with that is direct access to free training from a 35K a month earner. Without going into detail on here about empower network, I will shoot you an email shortly.



    • Hey Bill….Did you get my email?

  • Brad

    Nice review buddy… I’m seeing you all over Google. You are gonna blow this up in 2014. Great work.


    • Hey Buddy,

      Thanks for the kind words…it is all starting to make sense to me…but it wasn’t until I teamed up with you and your blog!! You da man!!


  • Keyonda Kendall

    Hi my name is keyonda I am super new to this I’m in the process or purchasing the costa rica system. I feel lost I mw it a good company but I dnt know how to use it. I have never bloged before and I do not know what team I’m on or were I’m supposed to be!! Lol please help!!

    • Hi Keyonda,

      I’m so sorry that this has happened and feel bad that you joined a team and sponsor that has disappeared and not offering you the support that is needed to succeed in empower network. It is my opinion that you should save that $500 until you can find out more information about who can offer you support. OF course, if you were on my team I would do that for you as I do that for everyone on my time, but empower network has rules that you must cancel your account for 6 months until you can join another team. IF you save that $500 I suggest you look into a newbie training that I recommend to everyone who is either not being supported or just to new to figure out empower network.

      Hope this helps!


      PS There is no way for me to find out what team your on….sorry! 🙁

  • Anastasia

    hey James, awesome review man! So heres this thing I am a uk resident, wondering if i could sign up to do this?


    • Hi Anastasia,

      Yes you can…matter of fact some of the top leaders are from the UK and empower network’s payment processor is located in the UK so you shouldn’t have any difficulty with credit card payments.

      You can CLICK HERE to access the payment page and then I’ll send you the killer bonuses along with my secret blog/mentor/facebook group easily worth thousands…you’ll get it free…

      Hope to see you on the other side.

      James Bonadies

  • Ray Spencer

    I’m a college student that was thinking about joining a MLM to make extra money. I’ve been considering amway, but I realize that once I run out of leads (family/friends), my business will struggle immensely. For that reason, I’ve been doing research about the Empower Network in order to help generate leads. One problem – I’ve never blogged before, so I have not the slightest clue how to use it efficiently for my business. Do you have any ideas for me?

    • Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s quit simple…internet marketing is the fastest way to build a business without having to bother friends/family or do home meetings…since you are in college, time is on your side. I learned how to blog 2 months ago and as you can see you have found my blog along with hundreds a day. I did this working Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8-11pm since I have a wife and child and full time job. If you truly want to learn about internet marketing and how to market empower network, join me and I’ll teach you how to do this along with plugging you into other resources empower network doesn’t teach. IF you don’t want to Blog, you can do paid traffic which works FAST. However, there is a learning curve and like us all, if you have the desire to learn, apply you can make a lot of money on the internet.

      Hope to hear from you soon….CLICK HERE to learn how to work with me along with plugging into our Private Mastermind community via FaceBook.

      • Ray Spencer

        I actually may do that! I haven’t started yet, though. I’m seriously considering joining amway and using empower for it. Would that idea suit me?
        Thanks for the quick response,

        • Hi Ray,

          You can absolutely use the empower network trainings to help you in any business out there. I am not sure Amway has evolved to the internet and they will most likely have you contact friends and family to get you going….that isn’t my cup of tea but to each there own. There is another product available that may save you money if you join another mlm. You can learn how to leverage the internet using these “strategies” that this product teaches. If you are not using empower network as an affiliate, I suggest just getting the blogging platform and the inner circle as that will give you access to all the trainings you can’t get without those 2 purchases and lay low on the higher ticket items. If I were you, and I wasn’t going to sell empower myself, I would join the two lowest fee products in empower and get this product. That way you will learn everything you need to know to capture huge amounts of leads online for your offline business without having to spend thousands on empower network’s products. Does this make sens?

  • Terry

    Hi james, I am a single mum of two daughters aged 9 and 4 from Kenya, Africa. I am fresh on the net and dont understand the techie terms on the net and I need someone I can trust. I badly need a biz that can give me additional income to enable me cater for my family. I have a passion for computer and I work very hard if I get a good mentor who can point in the right direction. At the moment I can afford $25 and also pay the $19.95 for the customer affiliate. I have never blogged but I believe am a fast learner. Please tell me honestly that I can make money if I put in the work? I have before joined MLM and I lost $1,200 and only earned $200. I spent way more than that, meeting people, calling, attending trainings etc etc. Am sure you can now see where I come from. Please be my mentor and show me the way to go. You will be glad you helped a soul. Also can I join given that am in Kenya. Thanks and God bless

  • Scott


    Great review.. I’ve been looking into joining Empower Network for about a week now. It still makes me nervous as I have no clue as to what I’m doing. I’m a 29 year old single father working 9-5 struggling to make 32k. I’d be stoked if I could even bring in 500 a month! Can I join your team? Not sure how it all works.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • So you have to purchase the product yourself to qualify for the commission right? Meaning you have purchase $25, $100, $500, $1000 and $3000 products to qualify for each of those commissions?

    I’m doing some research on it and heard something else somewhere. Thank you.

    • Hi Peter,

      You have it correct but it only makes sense. People shouldn’t sell products they don’t use themselves. I think that is why people do so well with Empower Network. FYI, your Blog is crazy good….I just checked it out! You obviously know what you are doing. Good Luck in finding what you are seeking, and if I can help let me know.


      James Bonadies

      • Thanks for the kind words James. Man, I can’t decide. I’m not sure if you heard of company called MTTB (MOBE), but it’s lot like EN.

        I’m still doing research on it, but all the bad press with EN is making me uncomfortable. I can see how blog like this and Lazymlm is promoting EN and I really think this is something I can do. Just hard for me to get over how 95% of people on EN won’t make any money.

        • Hey Peter,

          Brad from lazy mlm . com is who taught me everything I know, and with me you’ll get the same teachings and everything he offers along with my attention too. The guy is killing it, and he taught me how to kill it, as you can see I am page 1 for empower network review….soon to be page 1 “empower network”. MTTB is sick too…once you learn how to rank, you can make money with anything….oh and 95% of people fail at every single biz opp out there…but you and I know, 95% of people buy products and do nothing with them…literally out of 95% 77% don’t even open it up. the rest try for a month and quit. This business is the best around, but most people don’t have the persistance and thick skin to keep at it…just the way it is…I didn’t for 7 years…then one day I said F it, I’m not stopping and the rest is history…growing every month…and doing it ALL part time!! IF you want, we can chat on the phone….just email me at gjbonadies@gmail.com to setup an appointment. Maybe I can help you with your questions…

          Thanks again Peter!!


        • Oh and here check this out since you mentioned MTTB:

          My Top Tier Business Review

          • James, thanks for this dialogue, things are really clearing up for me through this.

            Is there any monthly cost involved with MOBE you know of? It looks like lot of tools are already in place.

            I know for EN, it’s like $150 a month right? ($25+$19.95+$100)

            Do you also promote MOBE as well?

          • Hi Peter

            Sorry took me a few days…for some reason, my blog is not sending me comments on recomments…anyway…for EN you are correct abut 150 a month plus all the other fees (ie aweber). For MOBE, one time fee for the license and the $49 application fee…or what I like to call tire kicker eliminator! lol Funny you should ask about monthly fees because I never noticed but I think maybe $9.95 a month…don’t quote me…but I’ll check for you. I really don’t look at my expenses although I really should…just spent so many years pay check to pay check that I have become kind of lazy with it….and yes, I promote it and promote it hard. I am gonna write a blog comparing both EN and MOBE,MTTB…just been busy with my team. You can read my review MTTB REVIEW HERE.

    • You have to make one sale of a product to qualify to get commissions in through the comp plan. The easiest, fastest, and most honest way is to make that first sale to yourself. Then you can go through the product, and sell from a position of experience

  • Victor Mhina

    hello James,
    I am completely new into this but i heard about this and i think its time i want to join, but this seems to be pretty new in my country so i guess i wont have a direct mentor for me to succeed.Now tell me how do i start? the business model? and what exactly are we promoting and mode of payments. Please shoot me all the necessary info as i cant wait to get started.

    waiting for your reply on this

  • don

    Hi Just signed up today-$650 USD-expect a call from them tomorrow 2 pm. EST-what do I expect and what should I do?

  • terry

    pls send me an email

  • Jack

    Hi there James,

    I joined empowernetwork and the prosperity team about a year ago. I’ve since left the scene. My mentor wasn’t helping me out quite as much as I’d like. Straight to the point. I have no clue what to blog about. I am a farm manager in South Africa. The work hours are never the same. Sometimes I have a lot of spare time on my hands and then for months on end I can’t stand still for a second. Would you be willing to give me some advise and couch me at all?


  • Jack

    So much for undevided attention. I didn’t even get thru the first video when I realized you just gonna sent me a whole lot of video’s and automated emails instead of actually getting to know me and mentoring me.

    Thanks buddy!

    • Jack,

      It’s called Internet marketing, the very same bizz you yearn to learn so much. I was away last few days, didn’t get your post comment until this morning. You asked for a coach correct? The first think I would coach you on is this. You make money building a list, a list of people you send emails to automatically with daily broadcasts. You will piss off 20% of them. 50% can’t wait for your emails and 30% won’t ever even see them. Then day in and day out 1% of your lists will buy. Build a big list make a lot of money. Oh and my emails give you my phone number, Skype user name and even address which I’ve had dozens of people send me thank you cards. So, what to blog about? What’s your passions? What do you love to do? Farming, cool there are tons of blogs about farming, weather patterns, soil science and I can think of a dozen more. What about solar energy? Big money in that…sorry you felt screwed but I can’t always check my comments. FYI Skype gjonadies16 and we can chat anytime you want. Btw that was Internet marketing 1 O 1.

  • Ben

    Hello James,

    Here’s Ben Inyang, can you help me stop crying every time i remember loosing my hard earn income for the past 7 years in the internet word?
    Am a member of EM, SFI, 7Minutes Workout, DotcomSecretX, GOV/ just to mention but a few, which lead me to getting this Domain Name: (netplusprofis dot com) since paying for it, just don’t know what else to do.

    Money invested on this program has cost me to start wiping, doh i vow Not To Give-Up-Till-I-Triumph-Over and start seeing Results.
    Can you please help me out? may-be i have not been doing the right thing or may-be i have been doing it the wrong way.

    Your feed back please…!
    Thank You.

    • Ben,

      You blog looks good, what’s the problem? How can I help? You are in a great position to make some serious money. You just don’t have the right program in place. I don’t know man…you are as close to the gold as they come. Just don’t give up now. Hit me up if you want to talk via the phone!

      James B.

  • Lee Jr.

    Thought I’d share my personal experiences with this program. I used to be a affiliated with Empower Network, and overall, I had a pretty experience with this program. Empower Network has a way of opening up a whole new world to you. There’s a wealth of knowledge, and it’s packed with highly successful, and friendly people. The training that I received there was second to none. If it wasn’t for personal family issues, I’d be standing strong with Empower Network today.

    • Sorry about your issues. Empower will be waiting for you to get your stuff in order. Good Luck with everything!!

      James Bonadies

  • Larita

    Hi James,

    I live in South Africa, is it possible for me to join the Empower Network? If I do what you teach me, will I actually make money online? I have bought numerous online opportunities, but they all disappointed me!


    • Larita,

      Absolutely, some of the best leaders are from South Africa. I can teach you what works for me. Just learn do teach and follow what I show you.

      Look forward to working with you.


  • Julio

    Hi James,

    Can I join in El Salvador?
    I am sure I can use a credit card for payment from here because I have used it before to get scammed like many of us, but how do I receive payments here?
    I can only pay for the $25 option now and I don’t have a web site or list, so I know I need help with traffic with no money but I do know some good topics to blogg about.
    Would you help?


    • Julio

      To start that’s fine. I’ll work with you to help you out! Then you upgrade when your ready!


      • Julio


        Thanks for the quick reply.

        Of course the idea is to upgrade as the money comes in for it. The sooner the better.
        How do I set up to receive payments here? You may send that info at my email direct and ask anything else you need to know to provide that answer.

        Where do I sign up?


  • Julio

    Hola James,

    While waiting for your reply, it occurred to me to mention that I am 100% fluent in English and Spanish… could I do blogging in two different forums?

    At your comments.


    • Yes Julio even better!! EN has expanded to the Spanish community! Big opportunity there!!


  • Tyler Eastham

    James I want be successful just as bad as I want to breathe. I have never blogged before and honestly I am confused on how it makes me money. I have tried “pyramid schemes” that I could have sworn would work but then I sign up and I have no leads because everybody thinks it is fake when you try to talk to them about it. I am really interested in joining empower but I need to know that It will be worth it. I can definitely put in the time without a problem.. Just need some guidance. Also honestly all I can afford right now is the $25 plan but people say you need more than that?? Can I get the $25 plan and still do what you and other top earners do?

    • At the $25 level it is difficult to make as much money as everyone else, however success is in your own mind. Maybe you only want to make an extra $500/month then it’s 20 sales. Then it’s 20 sales. I’ll tell you what makes it hard. Yourself. Reason is, losing $25 is easy, but losing thousands makes you stick with the plan. The plan you had when you first started. If I didn’t buy all the products (btw I slowly bought them too) I would have left a while ago. Every time it got tough, I always said, “no man, you spend thousands already so stick with it.” Now sometimes I wake up to $4625 in commissions. (income is not guaranteed and I am not an ordinary person, most make nothing because they do nothing)

      Hope this helps buddy!


      • Tyler Eastham

        Yeah I understand that. That makes sense. I plan on buying the bigger packages when I get up there as well. I guess I am just wondering what it is that empower network does and if I sign up under you as a sponsor, then I want to know I have someone to go to if I need help with something. Can you do that?

        • Tyler, just sent you a private message, labeled Empower Network in the subject line.


  • Martin O. Ominde

    Hi, James,
    I must admit that I’ve benefited a great deal from your responses which you’ve posted replying to various comments about your Review of Empower Network. I’ve noted down your email so that I explain my problem and see whether you can help me or not. I am from Kenya. Regards!

  • Jay

    Hey JB

    I am between Asia/Europe but would like to talk with you about EN, drop me a DM and maybe we could set a time aside and chat on Skype.
    Have Great Weekend. Jc

  • ashley west

    Hi James,
    just wanted to introduce my self to you and congrats on your website ( awesome stuff).
    I just wondered if I could ask you a few questions about joining you under the empower network banner? Basically im stuck in afghan at the moment but im home very soon (thank god!) and I came across it via youtube and tried to sign up on there website but it wouldn’t accept payment (as im out here) but I gave details ie email and name to a guy called nate from the total funnel system. in turn that created me a web name (cant remember what its called but it links to you so you get paid? lets go with that haha) as I haven’t paid anything to empower yet can I still join you or do I have to stick to him?
    Any advise would be most welcome.

    really cant wait to make this work for my family (soon to be married as well) and hopefully yours to.
    if you could email (if and when you can) I would be most grateful.

    kind regards
    Ashley West

    • Ashley

      Thank you for your service.

      If you have never signed up for EN, then it’s fair game…pick any sponsor who you believe will help you the most! 🙂 cough cough me lol


      • ashley

        you know what mate I might just do that… send me all I need to know to my email address and I will get started as soon as I get back to the uk ( in about four days… hopefully) cant wait to start this journey with you! speak soon.

        kind regards


  • Scott

    Thanks for the insight to EN. I’ve read a few of your EN-related blog posts and it seems the majority of your success/revenue has been made selling EN products, correct?

    I’m curious if there’s been EN affiliates that have utilized EN products to build a profitable online business (front scratch) selling something not related to EN, or not selling some other IM product/program? If so, could you possibly cite some examples?

    The content in most reviews I’ve read about EN are about the money EN affiliates have made selling EN. Though it may certainly be possible to use EN products to sell something other than EN products, or IM products in general, seems most EN affiliates are making money selling EN products to new/existing EN affiliates.

    • Scott,

      Absolutely!! I took those products and used them for MTTB, then realized I could also rank for Empower Network and decided to go ahead and promote it too. However, the trainings can absolutely be used for anything. Matter of fact, EN inspired me to start my own Local SEO service because I learned SEO within EN.

      Hope this helps buddy.


      • Scott

        Thanks James for the quick response.

        Though not an attempt to discredit you, but MTTB is much like EN, is it not? Another IM program/product…programs designed to help others sell IM program/product in the Internet Marketing space, which most have zero experience in IM or SEO.

        Maybe that’s the point of success with EN…anyone can have success by just turning around and selling the EN product/program to others and helping them sell EN others, etc., etc. My guess is most (probably 99%) of top EN earners have earned their money by their ‘downline’ doing this very approach?

        I am curious about your SEO service…when you say Local, are you referring to helping brick & mortar businesses with SEO? What types of businesses have you helped.

        I’m trying to ascertain if what you are ‘selling’ has proven to be successful promoting something other than EN or other IM products/programs? Not as a personal knock on you, though it seems most ‘successful’ Internet Marketing products/programs I’ve ran across are successful in selling IM products/programs, and maybe that’s the point…there’s limited success in IM outside of selling IM products/services.

  • Lorraine James

    Hey my name is lorraine and I have an account witj the empower network but I cancelled it because the sponsor I signed up under didn’t help me so I had the program but I didn’t know what to do so I felt like I wasted $25 and I’m upset because I thought I could have some help. So if I sign under you, can you help me please cause I’m a newbie when it comes to marketing on the internet. Thanks!

  • Zu

    Can I have your email address please? I have few questions to ask you. Thanks!

  • Erik

    Yo buddy.

    I’m actually inquiring about your link building service (but you kinda don’t have a comment box on there so here I am), was just wondering what are some of the sites you’d be offering to build links on? I’m just worried these links might turn out dodgy, so I’m just doing due diligence. 🙂

    You can email me privately in reply. 🙂

  • Perfect Review James.

  • Steven Lloyd

    Hi James,

    Just signed up to EN, so you are my sponser buddy!

    I very much look forward to working with you and learning from you.

    Please drop me an email and lets hook up.

    many thanks


    • Holla! Ok Steven!! Great to have you on my team!! reach out to my email, you should have it under “your sponsor” section!! We’ll get you going! Oh, and to be honest, you should really check out My Services Tab if you are looking to rank your blog. I just checked it out, your half way there man, keep going!!! Blog looks sick!!


  • Empower Network’s actually a good company with great leadership but their prices are too expensive, and the billing system actually sucks, one guy was about to join me earlier when his card didn’t go through and left an vague error.

    • Yea, the billing is a little questionable, but if you give people a reason to join you, they will always figure out how to make it work..out of all the people I have signed up, I may have lost 2-3 because of billing problems, and it was because they all tried using prepaid cards which won’t work for recurring payments….

      Let me know if I could be of any assistance!


  • valerie

    Hey James!

    I loved your article and am also interested in comming into empower network with you as my coach/mentor. I just purchased the viral blog software through someone’s link. That does not mean that I have to join the network under that person does it? Please send me some info on joining your team – I am another newbie who has wasted a basket full of money on so many products and programs. I want the real deal no more b.s. for me! Your reply is appreciated.


  • peta

    Hi James, I was just wondering do you have people under you that come Australia. I am interested in EN and could only afford the $25 plan at the moment. Is there anyway that you could help me.
    Kind Regards

  • Mike Collins

    Hello James, I have been intending joining Empower Network for months and need great sponsorship. My funds are limited but my time is limitless as I am a pensioner. I need to make this work and have all the daily time in the world so the work is not a problem. I presume one can expand as time goes on and gradually upgrade.

    • Thanks Mike for your comment. Been on Vaca, sorry it took me sometime to get back to you. You can always reach on on my personal email address. I’ll shoot you an email now.


  • Udayani

    Hi, James

    I am Indian student working and studying at the same time my course annual tuition fees is $28,000 for 2 yrs. which if you convert in rupees is very, very expensive and I frankly don’t want to be a burden on my parents. Though I am still a skeptical over ENP. I did understood the first step that we have to join by investing $25 where we will be given over own blog, other tools and all that but do we have to buy all other products?! can’t we work only with what we have already invested in? won’t we be rewarded good commission out of it?

    • Hi Udayani,

      Most who come in at $25 will not make much money. I have never made 100 sales in a month that would be $2,500/month. I have never even made 100 sales in empower network. However, I have made thousands of dollars with half the sales you need. That is called leverage. If you don’t have a couple hundred dollars I would stay away from internet marketing all together.


  • Nicki

    Hi James,

    I just recently became a part of the Empower Network. I haven’t purchased the blogging system just yet but am planning on doing so. I signed up through a video I watched on youtube. And I don’t know know how this whole mentor thing goes? Since I haven’t purchased anything just yet is it possible to do something about getting in under you?

    • I don’t think so unless you put another account under someone elses name. Sister, brother husband etc….

  • maurice waller

    Hi James, been going through your forum here, and I see a lot of good feedback. I have been in MLM for 3 years now and need help on growing my team faster and generating more good leads and traffic. I am familiar with EN as I have some associates that are on the BIM Team with Vick and those guys. I get a great geniune feel from you and you maybe able to help me as well. I really would like to talk with you via phone please. I want to make life changing money and I need it fast, so I want to position myself for that. Can we please talk?? My number is 469 xxx xxxx

    • Hi Maurice,

      Yes I can get on the phone.

      I’ll shoot you a text and then I will remove your phone number from the comment. You don’t want a million calls…lol
      Scrapers will pick this up in like 5 minutes!


  • Hi James, hope your well.

    I tried with EN a year or so ago and really enjoyed it, but like many other people have mentioned on here their sponsor didn’t help them and I lost momentum and frustrations kicked in and I gave up…. I’m now looking to give it a another crack and it looks like you would be my perfect sponsor. I am persistent and ambitious and with the right support/mentoring I will give everything to succeed. Please mail me some info


  • Hey James,
    Like many people here I have spent thousands in another company just a few months ago and that really hurt me financially. I currently live off my rental properties and have been traveling via motorcycle through the Americas for the last 12 months. (Left from San Antonio, TX July 5, 2013) I do OK but like most people I want to make more money. I have tried affiliate marketing and have set up my website talking and showing pics and videos about my travels with little success. I currently do libertagia and starting another interesting program that would seem to work but might take time to learn the many facets of internet marketing in order to become successful. Really frustrated but not giving up anytime soon. Please send me some info on how I can use my blog, and the fact that I am doing something most people only dream of doing, and incorporate it in this system. (Really don’t think It’s such a big deal what I’m doing since it really does not take lot;s of money to accomplish). Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Gracias from Cusco, Peru, (my current location at the moment)

    Greg Ramos

  • If you wish for to increase your familiarity just keep visiting this site and be
    updated with the newest news update posted here.

  • stacy

    All these packages if you don’t have but the $25 can you actually make some money..Doesnt have to be mad money but true money. Does that make sense?

  • When someone writes an article he/she keeps the idea of a
    user in his/her brain that how a user can understand it.
    Therefore that’s why this article is great. Thanks!

  • Dsell

    Nice info James.

  • Thanks in support of sharing such a good thought, article is nice, thats why i have read it entirely

  • フロアマットス トヨタ

    I’ll right away clutch your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or newsletter service.
    Do you have any? Please let me know in order that I may subscribe.

  • leisa

    Once I pay the $25 is there a recurring cost? I have zero financial means to pay a monthly cost. My hope was to claw my way through with $25 sales, save…and then purchase the next product when I have enough saved. Thanks.

    • Leisa

      There is a monthly cost so I would steer away from online marketing. You need money to invest to make it in this industry.

  • I was in Empower myself and can vouch for the products and business. All of what you will learn does work but don’t underestimate the work involved to build that business you dream of.

    If it is to be it’s up to me!

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