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Clickfunnels Review – Why it changed my life

Clickfunnels Review – Russel Brunson & God

Before I get to the God part, since I know everyone will probably beat up for what I will say, I want to get to clickfunnels.

First and foremost, it won’t take much time to explain how it works, so I won’t bore you with trying to earn a commission from you purchasing clickfunnels. Quit Frankly, I don’t care.

What I do care about is making you a better marketer and clickfunnels in my opinion will be the answer…

Let me explain.

For years I struggled making any money online, (note – if you’re bored of my story, scroll down to clickfunnels overview), and couldn’t figure out why I was having such a hard time figuring this thing out.

I would buy product after product, tool after tool, only to have to learn a million things again…information overload..

Then the time came where I actually finally stopped learning, and started doing.

This changed my life as we know it, but the hidden gem in all of this was the “stopped learning” part.

See, 7 years ago, not many tools existed. I was building out webpages in frontpage, trying to hookup payment processors, recording videos, building landing pages, funnels, membership sites etc…

Only back then I failed on everything I tried doing because I couldn’t technically figure it all out.

Then came leadpages, camtasia, paypal and weebly.

The landing pages now became easy.

Recording a video was even easier.

Everyone now had paypal so that was easy.

And weebly, man what could I say about weebly. SIMPLE!!

As I started making thousands of dollars a month, I wasn’t tracking anything and didn’t know what was working and what wasn’t working. I started to use other analytic tools but again I would get confused and stopped tracking.

The only thing I tracked was money in and money out. However, in this business, that is not good enough.

I needed to track everything. Everything from the landing page, to the sales page to the checkout page.

One small tweak could make a business profitable. (color change, wording, placement etc..)

Bada Boom!

Then came Clickfunnels….

IT was almost as if God placed (and some may believe in the Universe so that is great too) clickfunnels into my lap.

ok, stop laughing, but to me that is how I felt about clickfunnels.

It was my divine intervention, my life changer, my everything!

I was more excited about clickfunnels than I was about my first $10,000 month.


Let’s find out!

Clickfunnels – Overview

We all know that clickfunnels was built with a marketers mind. His name is Russell Brunson, however he didn’t build it out, he was just in charge of constructing it and telling the technical guys how, what, when and where.

In essence, being a member of clickfunnels meant we were getting the ideas and thoughts behind one of the best marketers in the world. Yes, one of the best.

That made me feel comfortable. I knew the landing pages already converted because they wouldn’t be in the templates if they didn’t.

Below you can see the breakdown of exactly what you get with the different memberships.


The real power of why I loved clickfunnels so much is because it allows you to take massive action.

You really only have to learn clickfunnels and nothing else.

You can now get rid of:

  1. Landing page software
  2. 3rd party payment processors
  3. Autoresponders
  4. Design teams
  5. plugins
  6. membership software
  7. tracking software


That list goes on and on…

Learn clickfunnles, and you have everything you need to run a successful business.

My most recent product I created was on my shelf for 1 year because I didn’t have the time to figure out how to build out a correct membership site. I started to study how to set one up, and gave up due to the confusion.

Now, I build out a membership site 12 pages deep in 1 week. Everything connected, setup without any headaches. I did it by myself, with no help.

I know guys out there who have done this and spent over $20,000 setting up.

I did it for a measly $97 per month.

If there is an interest in speeding up your internet business, then grab a copy using the link below.

I have a $697 bonus for you if you do. 😉

clickfunnels review


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