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Did you ever want to know what the heck is needed to start a money making blog just like this one?

Are you sometimes perplexed with the amount of different resources needed to get this online thang going but yet you see so many people succeeding?..

and…have you ever ask what are the best blogging tools that these internet marketers use?

“Ok James, stop with the rhetorical questions and get to the point!” says YOU! haha

Ok here is the deal. I am a believer in a one stop shopping experience. Since I have spent so many wasted years online, all I ever wished for was someone to say to me come to this website and follow everything I tell you to do.

Now, I probably won’t, WILL EVENTUALLY, provide you with 100% of everything you will need…however these blogging tools are exactly the tools you will need to succeed online and are the exact blogging tools I use everyday. As you begin, however, you won’t need them ALL, just a few….

If you would join my team then I can point you into the direction of financial success by leveraging my “hot spots” of information, which basically boils down to 3 different blogs..this one being one.

Whatev….let’s get down to it

These tools are the beginnings to your cash cow blog. Without these, in my opinion, best blogging tools…well… pooooofffff, your dreams are gone…

….but with them, you are already that much better than 95% of the people who fail. Dead serious…most people don’t even get this far…

With that being said…here are the EXACT tools I use to not only run this blog…but other niche websites I own.

Holla at that…

Here are the Gems and yes compensation may come my way: (just being transparent)

  • Godaddy – Some may not like Godaddy so HostGator is another, one but I don’t recommend it. I have used HostGator and hate their customer service. Godaddy has great customer service and I have hundreds of domains with them. Oh, and I also host all my websites with them too.
  • Aweber – Probably the most important arsenal you will ever have in your pocket because without this, your long term financial goals are nothing more than a dream. You must always build a list. I never used any other program, because I never had to use any other program. This link you can get 30 days for $1.00. Can’t beat that kiddd!
  • Long Tail Pro – This is what separates the failures from the successors. You must find keywords to go after, and from what I teach about in this blog, you have to stay with long tail keywords with less competition. You don’t have a choice. Check out my case study of what I did with a new member of my team. That is leverage baby!
  • Camtasia – You need exposure so as you learn something new, go and record it for the world to see. You can record your screen, edit the video and BAMM upload it to YouTube straight from within the software.
  • YouTube – What can we say about YouTube? Should we mention it’s the World’s third largest website? OK, I did, so forget video hosting and spending those dollars…just use YouTube baby…
  • Empower Network – The best darn training I have ever been part of…forget the money you can make with it. The training is worth 10times it’s cost.
  • Google + – You must have a Google Plus account in order to gain SERPS. Google loves themselves, so make them happen and get yourself a Google + account. Plus your posts will show with a picture which increases your click thru rate.
  • Thesis Theme for WordPress: Use the exact type of website but you get to play with colors, borders, font and a slew of other options to fit your wants and needs.
  • LeadPages – Oh Lead Pages how much I love you!! I used to quit Internet Marketing because I couldn’t build leadpages/squeeze pages etc…Now a few clicks and BAMMMM got myself a money making lead capturing magnet. Can’t have a business without leadpages dot com.


Well Ladies and Gentlemen, that is all she wrote!

These tools are the beginning to your arsenal to make yourself stand above the rest. The only other tools I would recommend are a mentor and my secret blog that banks 35K a month.

With all of this….I can’t see you failing unless you fail yourself.



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